Friday, September 8, 2017

Work Around Town

I'm out of the cartoon biz (retired and gone fishing), but not out of knowledgable contacts who know what TV projects are being made where. Also too, there is the internet. That's always helpful.

Cartoon Network

Powerpuff Girls

Ben 10

Mighty Maja-Swords

Steven Universe

Clarence (wrapping up)

We Bare Bears

Ok-Ko Lets Be Hero's

Splittin' Rent (aka "Close Enough" -- see Adult Swim)

Summer Camp Island

Apple and Onion

Craig of the Creek

Note that CN is using more freelance board artists, which has its issues.

Adult Swim

Close Enough (aka Splittin' Rent)

Victor & Valentino

Infinity Train

Tiggle Winks

Warner Bros. Animation


Be Cool Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo Wild West

Lego Scooby Doo

(There are a plethora of Scoobs.)

Lego Justice League



Justice League Action (wrapped-waiting for pick up)

Mike Tyson Mysteries

Teen Titans Go!* (working on 5th season - updated)

DC Superhero Girls

Green Eggs and Ham

Wacky Racers

New Scooby Doo series (headed up by Chris Bailey)

Young Justice

Lego Movie sequel

November 28th update: Here's the skinny on "Teen Titans Go!". WB Animation is now in production on the 5th season of the show. Fewer shows for this season, but the work should take the crew into mid-2018. WBA has hired a separate crew to work on the 70-minite "TTG!" feature now in work. (Note: This comes from a supervising director at another studio who usually knows most everything going on at various studios.)


Micronauts (produced in Ireland)

Stretch Armstrong (finishing up)


Bunsen is a Beast (Butch Hartman)

Sponge Bob

The Loud House

Harvey Beaks (ending)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (reboot)

Wally Kazam (ending)

Shimmer and Shine

Pinky Malinky

Glitch Tech

Hey Arnold Movie

Rocko's Modern Life

Henry Danger (animated series)

Disney TV Animation

Micky's Roadster Racers

Star vs The Forces of Evil

Puppy Capers

Sophia the First (wrapping up)

Future Worm


Duck Tales

Milo Murphy's Law (Dan & Swampy)

Wicked World

The Lion Guard (Disney Jr. "Baby Lion King")

The Three Caballeros

Muppet Babies

Country Club

Big Hero Six

Amphibio-land (Kim Robertson)

Elena of Avalor

Dreamworks Animation TV

Veggie Tales

Mr. Peabody and Sherman

Rocky and Bullwinkle

King Julian

Dino Trucks

Puss in Boots




Dragons Jr (young viewer)

Harvey Girls (Aliki)

Capt. Underpants

Spirit Riding Free


Boss Baby


Starz - Film Roman

(Sold to Lions Gate)

Rough Draft

New Matt Groening show

Mega Man


Costume Quest (for Amazon)

Paramount Animation

Gnomeo and Juliet: Sherlock Gnomes

Amusement Park

The Spongebob Movie 3

The Loud House Movie

Paramount Animation has two movies schedule for 2019, the long gestating Amusement Park and the third installment of "Spongebob", which has seen its production schedule start and stop a couple of times. My info is that "SB 3" is now on hiatus.

Bento Box

Bob's Burgers


Fox Animation (on Alameda and Wilshire)

Family Guy

American Dad

The Simpsons


Avengers Assemble

Guardians of the Galaxy


Titmouse/Robin Red Breast

Moon Beam


Super Jail

The Venture Brothers

Nico and the Sword of Light (Amazon)

Big Mouth (Netflix)


Skylanders Academy (union freelance only)


ABC Mouse (Flash)

Star Burns Industries

Rick and Morty (for Adult Swim - Rick and Morty LLC)


Shadow Machine

Bo Jack Horsemen

Dad Boner

Six Point/Six Point 2

Apollo Gauntlet (for Adult Swim)

Star Chaser pilot

Walt Disney Animation Studios

Wreck-It Ralph 2

Frozen 2


Wild Canary

Sheriff Callie's Wild West

Puppy Capers

Bureau of Magic

Lost in Oz

Stupid Buddies Stoodio

Robot Chicken

Buddy Thunderstruck



Leodoro Productions

F is for Family

Reel FX

Various development work


Alvin and the Chipmunks

Curious George

Dream East Pictures

Magic Deer(ended)

Illumination Entertainment Studios

Secret Life of Pets 2


Rough Draft

Clash of Clans (YouTube) season 1 (ending)

Disenchantment (Matt Groening)

Animation continues to thrive in Los Angeles, but there is increasing competition for some job categories. Studios continue to corral costs where they can, and "New Media" work continues, with increases in production for "subscription video on demand" (new media) down the road. (As always, the list above is not totally comprehensive. Feel free to report mistakes and gaps. I'm not omniscient.)


  1. "Splittin' Rent" and "Close Enough" are the same show. Thanks for the list Steve!

    1. Except Splittin Rent is a working title.

  2. Missing
    Spirit Riding Free at DWTV

  3. Thanks for the corrections! I'll include them.

  4. When you say "wrapping-up" on Sofia the First, do you mean just season 4 or the whole show? Has it been cancelled?

  5. My understanding was the show was at (or near) the end of its run. But my understanding may be out of date. I no longer have all the facts at my fingertips. Sadly.

  6. You put that Teen Titans Go! is finishing up. What are your sources on this? Also, how reliable is it that Infinity Train and Victor and Valentino are on Adult Swim?

  7. I saw LEGO Scooby-Doo and LEGO Justice League are in the works, but will they be full-length TV shows?

  8. Matthew and Comkid: Understand that this post is several months old, and so now out of date. My sources are supervising directors on the TV side of the industry.

  9. I know it's outdated, but I'm still a bit confused on the Adult Swim line.

    Close Enough I assume is the new series from JG Quintel. But the series is to be aired on TBS. Infinity Train and Victor and Valentino were Cartoon Network shows.

  10. Question: is Infinity train a confirmed series and will be airing on Adult Swim?

    1. From my spies and stoolies:

      "Close Enough" is a prime time animated series that J.G. created that will air on TBS. [So Royoga? You are correct.]

      "Infinity Train" is currently in production, but as far as I know they only have an order for 10 half hours. It is not an adult swim show as far as I know. But you never know...

      My other informant says that "Infinity Train" is a mini-series. -- Hulett

    2. Thank you for the info. You probably already know this, but a lot are asking about Teen Titans GO and that many in social media and Youtube are talking about the possibility of TTG ending based on your list alone. I would point out that Steven Universe is reaching the 150 episode or so mark of the original series order and there is no word so far (based on recent Cartoon Network announcements for this year) that CN would order additional episodes of that series. As you point out in an earlier comment, the list is outdated and may have changed, so not to be taken at face value without additional info.

    3. Regarding "Steven Universe", one of my insiders says "SU" is on hiatus and will return to production (he thinks). More on "Teen Titans GO" when I have info.

  11. I understand that the list of currently cartoons in productions is not completed,
    but WHERE is a Felix The Cat reboot when DreamWorks announced it since last year?

  12. Also missing is “3Below” on Dreamworks TV.

  13. Can you please clarify what you meant regarding Justice League's Action status, is the show finished or were they undecided if they wanted to make more of it? Also, are Infinity Train and Victor and Valentino really greenlit?

    I would really appreciate an answer.

  14. You putted 2 kid-friendly shows on Adult Swim.

  15. When you say that Teen Titans GO! is finishing up do you mean that they're finishing up production or the 4th season?

    1. I'm waiting for a supervising director at CN to get back to me. Being as how I'm retired, have no idea how long that will be. I plan to put up a new "Work around Town" early in the New Year. ...

  16. I know this is old, but TTG! will not end. IT, and V&V are in the wrong spot. Sure Wikipedia says Wallykazam ended and it didn't doesn't mean it will end. W-pedia has loads of wrong info. What are your sources of Harvey Beaks ending? TMNT will probably get a reboot, and I know what Pinky Malinky and Glitch Techs is coming in 2018. Although say Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie or Jungle Movie, aswell Rockos's Modern Life: Static Clang way, and say The Adventures of Kid Danger. How do you know Clarence is ending, and Close Enough and Splitin' Rent are the same thing! Not a joke, you need A-LOT of explaining to do!

  17. The Nickelodeon List is Missing Welcome to the Wayne.

  18. There's also an upcoming Kung Fu Panda animated series, though strangely, that's coming to Amazon instead of Netflix, as per the contract between Netflix and Dreamworks.

  19. O-Kaaay.

    Here's the skinny on "Teen Titans Go!". WB Animation is now in production on the 5th season of the show. Fewer shows for this season, but the work should take the crew into mid-2018. WBA has hired a separate crew to work on the 70-minite "TTG!" feature now in work. (Note: This comes from a supervising director at another studio who usually knows most everything going on at various studios.)

    1. Your supervising director at another studio got almost everything wrong. We are in production on the 5th season. It's another full 52 11-minute episode season. And WBA did NOT hire a separate crew to work on the 80-minute (at least) movie. The same crew that brings you the TV show is working on the movie. Shouldn't be any other way!

    2. Okay, good to know. I'm retired and out of the loop on the minutia, and so rely on others. You should have weighed in earlier. Would have saved me doling out wrong info.

  20. Oh you updated TTG by saying Working on 5th Season. Good

  21. Are we sure The Loud House Movie is still a thing? I hope it is, but the firing of Chris Savino over his scandal has me worried. And are we to assume that Trolls, Boss Baby, and Captain Underpants are all getting shows, since they're listed under DreamWorks TV?

  22. So is Rocko getting a full on revival since you didn't list it as the film (Static Cling)? I'm aware that as of this writing Hey Arnold is apparently getting ready for a possible full on revival with a sixth season as well.

  23. Hello, i am wondering if you have any information on if the BABYMETAL animation project is still in the works?

    1. No info, sad to say. (I can't keep going back to the Well of Knowledge, as the directors are busy.) But I will see what I can do.

  24. Regarding Harvey Beaks, production of that show is pretty much done and is only a matter of when Nickelodeon will air the remaining episodes in the US. It's Russia branch, already aired the final episodes a few months ago.

  25. You said that some Cartoon Network shows are going to be on Adult Swim. Is there going to be a new network of Adult Swim Jr, home to Infinity Train and Victor & Valentino?

  26. I though Gigantic was cancelled

    1. Gigantic WAS cancelled ... or at least put on the shelf. (Nothing is ever totally dead. "Wreck-It Ralph" became comatose when it was called "Joe Jump", but kept coming back to life.)

      WDAS usually has multiple projects in development. They frown on projects that they haven't announced to be put out there on the internet. I was guilty of that a number of time while I was The Animation Guild's business rep, and the big Mouse got ticked.

  27. Tiggle Winks maybe need an update.
    I saw a pilot with TV-Y7 rating and CN logo.

  28. What's the Alvin and the Chipmunks project at Universal?

  29. I will research and put up a new "Work Around Town" in January. Can somebody tell me why all the new questions to his ancient post? Did somebody link it someplace?

    1. Probably because CN Schedule Archives(@CNSchedules on twitter) made a couple of tweets linking this post recently.

    2. Ah. KNEW there had to be a reason. I will get working on a new, updated post. Don't want to keep coming back to this old news. Thanks Jens!

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  31. I understand that you may not want to answer, due to it being an old post, but can you shed some light on Rough Draft's Megaman? Last thing the public heard was that it was done up by Man of Action Entertainment and Denetsu. Has it changed studios?

    1. Rough Draft informs me that they are not working on Megaman. (They might be prevented from admitting what they're doing, but that's what they're saying.)

    2. I was actually going to ask about that. AFAIK, production on Megaman moved to DHX Vancouver's CG team (formerly Nerd Corps) 18 months ago. In early development, Megeman was initially a 2D show being worked on by Film Roman, so that's probably where Rough Draft was involved.

  32. Hey I hope you are enjoying the retirement. However, I’m not a fan of the now Teen Titans Go. It’s so bad that if there was an Oscar for the crappiest jokes Teen Titans Go would win (Not that I would think that Oscar will be a great idea). I’m an adult but I’m also a kid because I’m still living with my parents. Anyways, the humor is stale and it’s too predictable.

    1 Creator: Oh, lets get the kids to question everything we taught them.

    2 Creator: Lets give the kids that will be funny to fathers but not to kids who heard the joke all the time.

    3 Creator: Lets make one of the main characters or heroes a villain and make the villains good.

    If Teen Titans Go was a reality tv show then I’ll won’t say that it’s bad. However, Teen Titans Go is a too much uncle joke comedy show that is everything but a good cartoon. I am a fan of the original Teen Titans not because of the comics but I love the story of it (I’m a writer and I love a show or a movie with a story because it gives me ideas. Teen Titans Go gives me the idea that the reboots or spinoffs are great henchmen for a villain). I know Teen Titans reruns are on and Young Justice 3rd season is on Netflix but Teen Titans Go is far from the Spongebob of the Network. Spongebob even though it’s not Timeoriented has a great story and not all about jokes. Teen Titans Go has no story and focuses on jokes. Only fathers and kids who are younger than 4 will get the jokes (because jokes are only funny by mentioning it a few times once in a while but repeating a joke many times, the next skit will show that).

    Kid: Nurse, I need you.

    Nurse: What is it?

    Kid: I broke my funny bone.

    Nurse: Why?

    Kid: Because I was laughing to a tape recorder of the same joke because the joke is funny that I wanted to listen to it some more.

    Nurse: Ok, maybe you need a comedian specialist on that.

    I haven’t read any Teen Titans comics but if I did then I’ll still complain about Teen Titans Go. Teen Titans Go is so horrible that it’s the epitome of a black hole. Well, kids and adults will always like Spongebob the best because it’s funny but every episode has a story. That’s all I have to say and hope I made you laugh a little at my skits.

  33. "Teen Titans GO!" keeps getting re-upped because it's one of WBA's more popular shows.

  34. Any official word when Dreamworks will announce the Rocky and Bullwinkle reboot? I noticed that it wasn't announced in their recent Netflix press release.

  35. Do you know anything about the production of Steven universe

  36. And also is cn going to start promoting adventure time on the main channel?

    1. I'm starting to pull together new info for a new and updated post. You should find it on the site in a week or three. (I hope).

  37. Sorry for asking something again,
    Under Dreamworks it said "Minions" did Dreamworks make a deal with Illumination Entertainment. Also for Illumination Entertainment you don't have the Grinch or The Mario movie even though its not confirmed yet.

  38. you know your blog post is glod for me because you have all cartoon list of cartoon network ( THE CAT CONCERTO TOM AND JERRY ) for me

  39. Do you know anything about CN´S webshow Villainous and if thats going anywhere? The US channel refuses to acknowledge it exists but theres proof online that an english dub exists, and some shorts even lyp sinc to the english voices instead of the spanish ones.