Friday, March 9, 2018

Orlando Swamp To Mega-Profitable Amusement Park(s)

Business Insider retells the story of Orlando, Florida being majorly transformed fifty years ago:

What Disney did in the 1960s, in terms of buying [Orlando-area] land in secret, could obviously never, ever happen again. This was a one-and-done type of operation in terms of how secretive it was. ... If they were doing that now, they would be on the FBI's watch list. ...

Michael Eisner had a bit to do with Disney becoming a gargantuan media company, as did Robert Iger. But the game-changer was thirty thousand acres of orange groves, pastureland and swampy bogs getting bought up by Walt Disney Productions more than a half-century back.

Without the amusement parks, Disney would never have become the Berksire-Hathaway of entertainment conglomerates, owning multiple studios, television networks and large swaths of real estate that circles the globe.

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