Sunday, April 1, 2018

Distances Between Men and Women

Deadline reports that there is a wee gap between the pay for Disney men and women working in the United Kingdom:

Men Earn 22% More Than Women At Disney In The UK As Hollywood Studio Publishes Gender Pay Statistics ..

Disney pays men 22% more than women in the UK – gender pay statistics that put it behind the national average as well as rival U.S. studios including NBC Universal and Viacom. ...

This compares with NBC Universal, which has a mean pay gap of 3.2% and 6.2% on a median basis, while Viacom’s Channel 5 pays women 2.85% more than men on a mean basis and production group Endemol Shine UK, which has no gender pay gap. ...

Meanwhile, women make up the highest percentage of L.A.'s unionized animation work force in thirty-plus years:

The Animation Guild now has approximately 4230 artists, writers and technicians under its jurisdiction at studios in and around Los Angeles. Of these, slightly more than 25% are women. ...

A half dozen years ago, women comprised 18% of animation employees*. Women have steadily climbed as a percentage of the artists, technicians and writers working in the business. And women now comprise more than half of the students at Cal Arts and other mainstream animation and art schools. This is a considerable turnaround from the seventies and eighties, when females comprised a small minority of Cal Arts's (and other schools') student bodies.

* In the 1960s and early 1970s, women made up close to 50% of Animation Guild membership. At that time, most worked in ink-and-paint positions and technical jobs such as animation and final checking.

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