Thursday, June 7, 2018

One More Animation Unit ...

... and more jobs(?):

... “Building Skydance [Media]’s animation feature film and television slate is a top priority, so we’re very excited Ian Sheppard and Larry Jonas, [both from DreamWorks Television Animation] will be joining our team at this pivotal time,” said Bill Damaschke, President of Animation and Family Entertainment, to whom both [new] execs will report. ...

It appears that one more Los Angeles animation studio is ramping up.

Skydance Media Animation is a year old .. and Skydance Media [The Live Action Copmany] goes back almost a decade. The company's cartoon division is headed by former DreamWorks Animation exec Bill Damaschke, who came aboard last October. (Bill D. began his animation career as a production assistant at Disney Animation on Pocahontas.)

As for Mr. Sheppard and Mr. Jonas, both have been in the animation industry for decades, working at Nickelodeon, Sony and the Walt Disney Company before DWA TV and now, Skydance.

Skydance Media has a production deal in place with Ilion Animation of Madrid Spain, where work on two slated features will be done. My educated guess: animation will be created in foreign lands where Free Money* is abundant, while pre-production work (scripts, storyboards, design work, etc.) remains in Southern California where the pool of talent is wide and deep.

One more studio in Los Angeles will mean more employment. Which is a good thing.

* Otherwise known as Government Subsidies.

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