Friday, January 5, 2018

Work Around Town Too

Back to the 80s! Everything old is new again! (Especially when it pulls down solid ratings!)

Now a wee bit about animation work going on in Southern California, which has changed some since the last post (but not a lot).

As before, I am relying on well-informed industry people because I am now, as the saying goes, somewhat out of the loop. The information below could have errors (yikes!); if so, post a comment and I will update.


Danger and Egg -- ongoing

Too Loud -- ongoing

Bureau of Magic

Lost in Oz -- ongoing (Amazon Prime)

Cartoon Network

Powerpuff Girls (shorts) -- waiting for pickup.

Ben 10 -- ongoing

Mighty Magiswords -- ending

Steven Universe (shorts) -- ongoing (and building on momentum)

Clarence -- ended.

We Bare Bears (shorts) -- ongoing (Season Three)

Ok-Ko Lets Be Heros -- ongoing

Splittin' Rent -- end of Season One and likely to get pickup (aka "Close Enough" -- see Adult Swim)

Summer Camp Island -- ongoing

Apple and Onion -- 1st season complete.

Cartoon Network has a digital network named "Bite Size" streaming some of its offerings:

Victor & Valentino -- ongoing

Infinity Train -- ongoing

Craig of the Creek -- ongoing

Adult Swim (another Cartoon Network subset).

Close Enough -- ongoing (aka "Splittin' Rent")

Tiggle Winks -- ongoing (shorts)

Warner Bros. Animation

Unikitty -- newly aired; awaiting results before more episodes are greenlit

Be Cool Scooby Doo -- (series) -- ended.

Scooby Doo and the Red Ghost -- (long form Scoob)

Scooby Doo Wild West -- completed. (released)

Guess Who, Scooby Doo -- ongoing

* As usual, there are a plethora of Scoobs. (A veteran animation director I know says that his idea of hell would be working on "Scooby Doo" in an eternal animation cubicle in the afterlife.)

Lego Justice League -- ongoing

Wabbit/New Looney Tunes -- ongoing.

"Wabbit" is repurposed (expanded?) to include other Looney Tunes characters and retitled "New Looney Tunes".

Animaniacs -- upcoming (co-production of Amblin' TV and WBA.)

"Animaniacs" will be a reboot of the original 99 episodes from the early nineties. (It's just been announced.)

Bunnicula -- ended.

Justice League Action -- ended.

Mike Tyson Mysteries -- hiatus -- waiting for pick up.

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz -- ongoing (Season 3)

Teen Titans Go! -- ongoing (working on 5th season)

The alleged skinny on "Teen Titans Go!". WB Animation is now in production on the 5th season of the show. The work should take the crew into mid-2018. WBA is also producing a 70-minute "TTG!" feature, now in work.

DC Superhero Girls -- new version in work for Cartoon Network

Green Eggs and Ham -- ongoing

Wacky Racers -- ongoing

Young Justice -- ongoing

Flintstones -- ongoing (with African American cast)

Warner Animation Group

The Lego Movie Sequel -- ongoing

Smallfoot -- ongoing

Space Jam 2 -- ongoing

The Billion Brick Race -- ongoing

Scooby -- ongoing

Warner Animation Group has pre-production facilities at multiple locations in Burbank; production work (a la Illumination Entertainment) is done in foreign lands.


Micronauts -- ongoing (produced in Ireland)

Stretch Armstrong -- ended, now in post.

My Little Pony -- ongoing

Magic is Friendshi -- ongoing

Hasbro has down-sized production at its Burbank (Media Center North) facility, and now does much of its work at Boulder Media in Ireland. Writing for Boulder shows continues to be done in Southern California.


Bunsen is a Beast (Butch Hartman) -- ongoing

Invader Zim (tv movie) -- still in work, scheduled for '18 release.

Sponge Bob -- ongoing

The Loud House -- ongoing; the show has strong ratings and will continue without the creator

Harvey Beaks -- ended.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles -- reboot which is ongoing

Welcome to the Wayne -- ongoing.

Wally Kazam -- ended.

Shimmer and Shine -- ongoing

Pinky Malinky -- ended.

Glitch Tech -- ongoing

Rocko's Modern Life -- ongoing

Henry Danger -- ongoing

Disney TV Animation

Mickey's Roadster Racers -- ongoing

Star vs The Forces of Evil -- ongoing

Puppy Capers -- opening

Pickle and Peanut -- second season began airing October 2017.

Sofia the First -- ongoing (though close to end??)

Future Worm -- ended.

Tangled -- ongoing

Mickey Mouse shorts -- ongoing (Season 5)

Duck Tales -- ongoing

Milo Murphy's Law -- ending

Wicked World -- ongoing

The Lion Guard (Disney Jr. "Baby Lion King") -- ongoing

The Three Caballeros -- ongoing

Muppet Babies -- ongoing (produced at Oddbot, Inc.)

Country Club/ aka Big City Greens -- ongoing

Big Hero Six -- ongoing

Amphibia -- ongoing

Elena of Avalor -- ongoing

DreamWorks Animation

How to Train Your Dragon 3 -- ongoing

Trolls 2 -- ongoing

Trolls 2 -- ongoing

The Croods 2 -- ongoing (back on the schedule)

The Boss Baby 2 -- ongoing

Shrek 5 -- ongoing

Madagascar 4 -- ongoing

Puss in Boots 2 -- ongoing

Madagascar 4 -- ongoing

The majority of DreamWorks Animation theatrical projects are sequels, but there are also a number of originals: Everest, Spooky Jack, B.O.O.: Bureau of Otherworldly Operations (etc.)

Dreamworks Animation TV

Veggie Tales -- ongoing

Mr. Peabody and Sherman -- ended. (Crew moved to "Rocky and Bullwinkle").

Rocky and Bullwinkle -- ongoing

All Hail King Julian -- ending

Dinotrux -- ongoing

Puss in Boots -- ending

Home: Adventures of Tip and Oh -- ongoing

Kung Fu Panda -- ongoing (new order; formerly at Nickelodeon show.)

3 Below -- ongoing

Troll Hunters -- ongoing

Voltron -- ongoing

Dragons Jr -- ongoing

Harvey Street Kids (AKA "Harvey Girls) -- ongoing

Captain Underpants -- ongoing

Spirit Riding Free -- ongoing

Trolls -- ongoing

Boss Baby -- ongoing

She-Ra: Princess of Power -- ongoing

Cleopatra In Space -- ongoing

Minions -- ongoing

Noddy, Toyland Detective -- ongoing

DWA tv employees are now pitching original IPs to the company and multiple ideas have been greenlit for development.

Starz - Film Roman

(Sold to Lions Gate -- no announced projects)

Rough Draft

Disenchantment -- ongoing (New Matt Groening show, which was in development a long-time before it was greenlit).

Mega Man -- ongoing

Clash of Clans -- ongoing (YouTube series)


Costume Quest -- ongoing (for Amazon)

Paramount Animation

Gnomeo and Juliet: Sherlock Gnomes

Amusement Park

The Spongebob Movie 3 -- ongoing (but long in development; has stopped and started multiple times).

The Loud House Movie -- ongoing

Bento Box

Bob's Burgers -- ongoing

Legends -- ended.

Netflix show -- ongoing

Fox Animation (on Alameda and Wilshire)

Family Guy -- ongoing

Seth M. no longer does day-to-day oversight of his animated comedies; he delegates, does a variety of voices, and concentrates on his live-action activities (with a second season of "The Orville", he kind of has to). Nevertheless, "Family Guy" and "American Dad" march on.

American Dad -- ongoing

Fox Animation (at the Pinnacle on Alameda in Burbank)

The Simpsons -- ongoing

Marvel Animation

Avengers Assemble -- ending

Guardians of the Galaxy -- ending

Spider-man -- ending

Some of Marvel Animation's shows are going on hiatus and (we're told) crews being laid off. Crew members say that much MA work will be completed in the next few months.

Titmouse/Robin Red Breast

Moon Beam -- ongoing

Megalopolis -- ongoing

Super Jail -- ongoing

The Venture Brothers -- ongoing

Niko and the Sword of Light -- ongoing

Big Mouth -- ongoing (and one of the top shows for Netflix, so it will be back).


Skylanders Academy (union freelance only)


ABC Mouse (flash show) -- ongoing

Star Burns Industries

Rick and Morty (Rick and Morty LLC) -- ongoing (the show hasn't been greenlit for a 4th season but is a solid hit, so it will be back). (for Adult Swim - Rick and Morty LLC)

Animals -- ongoing

Shadow Machine

Bo Jack Horsemen -- ongoing

Dad Boner -- ongoing(?)

Six Point/Six Point 2

Apollo Gauntlet (for Adult Swim) --

Star Chaser pilot

Walt Disney Animation Studios

Wreck-It Ralph 2 -- ongoing

Frozen 2 -- ongoing

Gigantic -- development ended.

Other unannounced projects in development. Kindly note that though development work on "Gigantic" has come to an end, projects often get cancelled, slide into deep hibernation, and get revived at a later date. (Case in point: "Wreck it Ralph", which saw development under various titles over a span of years before finally being greenlit for production).

Wild Canary

Sheriff Callie's Wild West -- ended.

Puppy Dog Pals (Disney Jr.) -- ongoing

Miles From Tomorrowland -- ended.

(Other shows in development.)

Stupid Buddies Stoodio

Robot Chicken -- ongoing

Buddy Thunderstruck -- ongoing

SuperMansion -- ongoing

Hot Streets -- ongoing

Leodoro Productions

F is for Family -- ongoing


Alvin and the Chipmunks -- ongoing

Curious George -- ongoing (newer flash version)

Illumination Entertainment Studios

Secret Life of Pets 2 -- ongoing

Splash Entertainment

Kulipari: An Army of Frogs -- ongoing (season 2 for Netflix)

Splash Entertainment began its corporate life as Mike Young Productions and is headquartered in the west San Fernando Valley. Splash is a work-for-hire studio that often partners with larger entities.


  1. What's the status on Sofia the First? You didn't specify.

  2. It's now listed as "ongoing" ... with a caveat. This show was supposedly wrapping when I was still gainfully employed. but it seems to be going on. If I get further info to the contrary, I will update.

  3. Spider-Man's ending? Didn't that show just start?

    1. As new info comes in, new info is added (or changed).

    2. so is spider-man ending or going on hiatus

    3. If the crew isn't sure ... I'm sure I'm not either. The studio is laying artists off and shows havent been greenlit for additional episodes. So let's say Spidey is "in hibernation".

  4. You misspelled some stuff! I don't think you are a reliable source as much!

    1. A thousand pardons, Mr. 10. If you don't like Your Servant's humble efforts, don't visit Your Servant's humble tomb. (This post is continually updated).

    2. Steve's bio does a pretty good job proving his accreditation. He's almost certainly been working in animation longer than you've been alive. :p

  5. How could Pinky Malinky be "ended?" It hasn't even premiered yet! I hope this isn't a case like Making Fiends where Nick cancelled the show before it even premiered.

    1. s2 is being worked on. i think this is a mistake, listed as ended as s1 has ended?

    2. Nick canned Pinky Malinky and won´t air the show. It tested poorly internally. The art staff were let go.

  6. Do you have any info on The Fairly OddParents?

  7. Is Fancy Nancy still in the works at Disney TV? You didn't list it.

    1. "Fancy Nancy", a series of well-selling kids' books, was announced as an animated TV movie and then series by the Mouse in 2015. So far (to my knowledge) nothin'.

    2. I'm pretty sure it's a TV show now at DTVA. Maybe you can ask around to be certain?

  8. Is Puppy Dog Pals at Wild Canary the same show as Puppy Capers at DTVA?

    1. Don't believe so. I think it was an error that was corrected. No Disney title by the name of Puppy capers" seems to be out there.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Then you listing "Puppy Capers - opening" under DTVA is just an error?

  9. Is Wabbit really ending after 3 seasons?

    1. We report ... and correct as needed.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. If the show name changed from Wabbit to new Looney Tunes then why does it said Wabbit on your list?

    4. Wabbit expanded to New Looney Tunes now updated.

    5. Do you know if the show is ending after 3 seasons?

  10. Mighty Magiswords Ending? Where's The Evidence and Is There Any Evidence That a 3rd Season is on The Way, Also Why is Powerpuff Girls(2016) Listed as PPG Shorts?

    1. Important to understand that work on this or that series could be over, but one (or even two) more seasons of the show have yet to hit the air/internet This happens, believe it or not. Conglomerates usually stop making a show when they feel they have enough episodes produced.

    2. Well Did Kyle Decide to End The Show What Cartoon Network's Treatment With it Back in July?

    3. After What Cartoon Network's Treatment With it, Back in July? I Fixed That Mistake.

  11. Do you have any info on shows produced by Fresh TV? (A Canadian animation company)

    1. This post focuses on L.A. animation work.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Small correction: Muppet Babies is not produced by Disney Television Animation. It's being produced at OddBot, Inc.

  14. Is Vampirina is still ongoing at Wild Canary?

  15. Did The Fairly OddParents ended or is it ongoing?

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Are Land Before Time movies in the works at Universal or have they stopped making those?

  18. Is Stretch Armstrong ending its 26 episode order? Or was there more that was worked on far in advance? The Hasbro Studios website lists 52 episodes, 22 minutes each.

    Also, King Julien aired its final episodes last month, with Puss in Boots airing its final season later this month. Most of the KJ crew is working on the new Kung Fu Panda series.

    1. Updated and corrected, for which thanks.

  19. Hello!
    Have you happened to learn something about the BABYMETAL animation project, whether or not it is still in the works?

    Thank you!

  20. Why is it that you included Rocko's Modern Life here, but not Invader ZIM? It's getting a TV special just like Rocko.

    1. Per reports, "Invader Zim" is coming out later this year as a one-shot ninety minute TV feature.

    2. I knew that. My question was why it's not on the list along with Rocko, which is also getting a one-shot TV feature this year.

    3. OKay, I'll put it on the list but since it's completed (so far as I know), it gets an "ended designation unless I'm informed otherwise.

  21. Amblin' TV and WBA's reboot of "Animaniacs" has no been added to the list, though it's tagged as "upcoming".

  22. I might be misunderstanding this, but what do you mean when Steven Universe is "building on momentum"?

    1. The show, I'm informed, is doing well in the ratings department.

  23. Is the fairly odd parents still in production or did it get cancelled?

    1. I don't know. Over a year ago final episodes were shifted to Canada, but don't kow if ew ones are being made.

    2. Thank you Oh and another question do you know why cn don’t promote adventure time anymore on their channel and also do you have any information on spongebob season 12

    3. I wasn't aware that FOP moved to Canada. You sure you're not confusing that with Bravest Warriors, which is a different Frederator series? Production on that shifted to Nelvana in Toronto.

      @Unknown Steve probably wouldn't know the answer to questions like that. His sources worked on the production side of things, not the distribution or marketing arms.

      My personal guess is that Adventure Time is ending soon, so they feel promotions are better spent toward shows with a future. Its viewership is probably older than they'd like for a daytime show, as well, so you don't see reruns often.

  24. Ok guys (by the way I work on the main channel) I’m going to discuss the drama for adventure times treatment on Cartoon Network as you guys know adventure time haven’t been getting noticed on the main channel but just know there will be a one month event for adventure times final episode I don’t know when but Cartoon Network will air nothing but adventure time so anyways the reason why adventure time haven’t been getting promoted on the Network is because most of the fans are now online now so their general thinking no one watches it anymore Cartoon Network have been listening to your concerns and death threats they have been receiving because of a certain group of people who enjoy a show on the network as well

    1. And also for gumball fans season 6 is the last season and production of the show will be finished soon oh and for Steven universe fans there will be a season 6 I can’t stress this enough it will have more episodes then a standard season I think someone already said this in a podcast

  25. "Flintstones -- ongoing (with African American cast)"

    What did you mean by "African American cast"?

    1. My information is, African American voice actors. I haven't seen the visuals, so I'm relying on information given to me. (So maybe ... African American character designs?)

    2. What is your definition of an "African American"?

    3. I'm relaying the words used by my sources. They said "African American," that's all. It's irrelevant what my definition is. I'm a conduit here.

  26. For the record, Steve, Cartoon Network has officially released the “Tiggle Winks” short as the “Pilot Episode”, rather than a “Cartoon Network Mini”, as they would normally call such a thing, onto YouTube:
    So I guess this means you made another error, I hope!

    1. Corrected, updated. Hopefully it's right, but we'll see.

  27. How did I go a year without realizing you had a new blog? I loved what you did on the Animation Guild Blog. It just hasn't been the same without you, and while I'm sure Mr. MacLeod is doing his best to keep the union and its members in a good spot, his blog just isn't very interesting.

    Thank you for everything. Sorry some punk kids are being rude on here.

    1. Jack? I was the Guild's business rep for 27 years. I'm used to rudeness. I plan to keep this going for awhile, though I'm not going to post every day. Glad you like what I'm doing. Truly.

  28. I have three questions:

    1. Is "The Stikbot Movie" an actual movie that Warner Animation Group is making? If so, why haven't we heard anything about it yet?

    2. Is "Scooby Doo and The Red Ghost" that fully animated Scooby Doo movie that Warner Animation Group is making? Which is why you called it "Scoob"? And if that is the case, why isn't under "Warner Animation Group"?

    3. I know that Warner Brothers is trying to make Space Jam 2 a priority, but are they really still working on ACME? The last time I heard ANY news from it was in 2014.

    1. I've changed/updated some of the WAG listings. Warner Animation Group (as of a year ago) had locations on Warners main lot, in Hollywood, also on the Warner ranch (formerly the Columbia Ranch on Hollywood Way.) They do pre-production work and things fall in and out, depending on development progress.

      As for the Scooby Doo slate, understand there are LOTS of Scoob projects at any moment in time, both small-screen and large screen Scoobys. And I just use the generic "Scooby" to indicate yet another Great Dane project. A seasoned veteran I know is dismayed by all the Scooby projects (he hates working on them, see above) but what you gonna do? Work is work.

  29. Shadi Petosky, the creator of Danger and Eggs, has tweeted a lot recently about her frustration with the lack of an official renewal on Danger and Eggs. Probably shouldn't be listed as ongoing?

    1. Will update when I get more info from other sources.

  30. Where did this Universal Chipmunks project come from? The last time Universal did anything with that property with way back in 2000.

  31. There was a rumor going around that a Steven Universe movie was being worked on while the show was in a production hiatus, do you have any info on this or know if the rumor is false?

  32. What's up with Billy Dilley's Super Duper Subterranean Summer at Disney TV? Disney hasn't said anything and nobody on the crew that has said anything knows its fate, and those that DO seem to know something seem to dodge the subject.

    1. Sadly, I'm more ignorant than the crew is.

  33. Too Loud is being worked on at Amazon

  34. Illumination: Minions 2 and Sing 2 have release dates for July and December 2020.

    Is there any official info available on the internet for Kung Fu Panda & the Flintstones series other than here, My humble Servant.

  35. Info from Guild members. It info is inaccurate, I will (eventually) correct.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I think it's accurate. There are new trademarks being registered (I looked it up at trademarkia) called "DreamWorks Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny".

  36. Hey steve do you know if Steven universe is being renewed for a 6th season

    1. My understanding is the show will continue based on its strong ratings and Big Mo (momentum), but it DOES have a lot of episodes in the can, and conglomerates sometimes say "We'll move on now, we've got plenty of half-hours already".

    2. Adding, this was answered up above -- yest, there's a Season 6.

  37. Whatever happened to LEGO Scooby-Doo? Why isn't it listed here?

    1. No LEGO Scooby-Doo movie that I'm aware of. A CG "Scooby" movie on the horizon, and more traditional TV fare.

  38. Where is a NEW Felix The Cat show from DreamWorks Animation TV for his 100th anniversary ???

    1. "Felix" had rights issues. DWA tv never got off the ground with it. (See the January 14 post below).

  39. Hi, I'm here from Reddit! Wanted to ask: is Cartoon Network aware of us Infinity Train fans? I think we've definitely kinda drawn attention to ourselves recently...

    1. I'll go ask somebody I know at Cartoon Network. ...

    2. And here's what a supervising director says at CN re "Infinity Train" and "Felix":

      "...Owen Dennis the creator of the show is very aware of the fans and how much they enjoyed his pilot.

      "As for Felix The Cat at DWA, from what I've heard it was in development, but they had a problem with locking down the rights. I'm not sure what the issue is/was. As far as I know, they've moved on from Felix and it is no longer in development."

    3. Thanks for the reply! Feels good knowing they see us!

  40. Milo Murphy's Law Is Ending??? It Hasn't Even Aired The Crossover With Phineas And Ferb!

  41. Milo Murphy's Law Is Ending??? It Hasn't Even Aired The Crossover With Phineas And Ferb!

    1. I just relay the info I receive ... and the info is occasionally wrong.

  42. Hello hi I wanted to ask is Marvel Animation Studio closing or restructuring?
    Are they making new animated shows?
    Do you know if they are shifting production to Disney Animation TV Studios?
    Thank you in advanced for replying sir.

    1. The word from Marvel employees is .... things are up in the air. Staffers are looking at layoffs that will be happening soon, the studio (for now) is NOT moving back to a larger building in Burbank (they are now in Glendale), so things are ... kind of muddy?

      Last time a Marvel person checked in, they said that series have not yet been renewed, so it looks like many artists at the studio will soon be gone.

  43. Do you know when Cartoon Network streaming service named Bite Size will release or anymore detail about it?

  44. context:
    "ending" - means production of the current season is almost (if not already) done and is pending a new season/episode order

    "ended" - all production of the show is finished, period.

    Harvey Beaks is listed as ended.

    Milo Muprhy's Law is listed as ending.

    1. This sounds right to me. But what do I know? I just work here.

  45. Thank you for the update post! I'm excited for a few of the new shows and the Rocky and Bullwinkle reboot! I'm curious as to when Dreamworks will announce it officially since it was not listed with their other new shows late last year in a press release.

  46. What was the opinion on Be Cool Scooby-Doo? It got put on such a long hiatus here in the United States. Was a reason for that ever stated?

    1. My understanding is the show ran its course. but there will ALWAYS be other Scooby- Doos.

  47. Spider-Man's ending? Thank God! That show was garbage. The smart thing to do now is bring back Spectacular Spider-Man.

  48. Spider-Man's ending? Thank God! That show was garbage. The smart thing to do now is bring back Spectacular Spider-Man.

  49. Um, how did Pinky Malinky end before it premiered?

    1. Up above a comments said that the studio decided to deep six it before it hit the air. (Bad testing, I think.)

      This has happened before. A whole season of a prime-time show was produced a few years ago, and Fox never aired it. And this show had some fairly expensive actors.

  50. Do you know anything concerning a Steven Universe movie being in production? On a recent podcast, one of the crew members mentioned that the current season being worked on had a order of 6 extra episodes. If I remember correctly, this happened with Regular Show and those 6 episodes were used for it's movie. Seems like it could be a similar situation.

    1. The show is mucho popular, so it could be happening. I thought a CN employee said a movie was in the works but I can't find any written record of that. Maybe someone will pipe up.