Friday, February 15, 2019

Work Around Town -- #4

As before, a post about projects in animation now occurring in and around Los Angeles. Also as before, there are undoubtedly some omissions and errors, (I am but human). Spies and stoolies have supplied information; some studios are more up-to-date than other studios. Happily, the list will be corrected and updated as we go along ...

** ADD-ON ** (June 15th, 2019) -- To let folks know, because 'bots and deranged commenters have now descended, I have deactivated comments. This is an OLD post anyway, so only robots and a few obsessives will be concerned about this. Thanks for your kind attention.


Skylanders Academy -- ongoing

Amazon Studios

Danger and Egg -- completed

Too Loud -- ongoing

Bento Box

Bob's Burgers -- ongoing

Paradise PD -- ongoing

Hoops -- development (not yet ramped up)

Alien News Desk -- ongoing

Duncanville -- development (not yet ramped up)

Central Park -- ongoing

Bob's Burger feature

Cartoon Network Studios

Update: From a CN Studio veteran with wide industry knowledge: 'It’s my understanding that the “Glitch Tech” crew were told that, as of now, the studio was not going to order anymore episodes at this time. They will finish the current order of episodes, and the studio could request more at a later time. [this is a Nick show.] ...

'“Legend of Legendary Place”, has not received a green light into production. So I believe that it’s still technically “in development “.

'“Tig N Seek” is the series name of the short that was call “Tiggle Winks”. The name “Tiggle Winks” did not clear with legal department for a series name.

'“Maow Maow” is a series that’s being produced at Titmouse, and will air on CN.

“Hue” and “Superrilla” are technically still in development and have not been green light into series. There has been no mention on weather they will aire on CN, Adult Swim or on the new Streaming platform that AT&T want to launch.'

Ben 10 -- ongoing

We Bare Bears -- ongoing

Summer Camp Island -- ongoing (Season 2)

Apple and Onion -- ongoing

Steven Universe -- continuing with new episodes

Craig of the Creek -- ongoing

Close Enough -- Season 1 completed -- Scripts ordered for possible new season.

Victor and Valentino -- ongoing

Infinity Train -- waiting for greenlight, season 2

The Fungies -- ongoing

Maow Maow (original title) -- in development with Titmouse

Super-Rilla -- Dark Horse Comics project in development

Hue -- in development, awaiting green light

Tigg 'N Seek -- ongoing

ThunderCats Roar -- ongoing

Primal -- Genndy Tartakosky Adult Swim project -- ongoing

Kevin 11 -- in development

CBS Eye Animation Productions

Star Trek: Below Decks -- ongoing (two season order)

Cranetown Media

Various animated projects -- (Note: Cranetown Media is a third-party union signator company that does animated projects for various non-union studios, often scripts and storyboard work.)

Crunchyroll Studio

High Guardian Spice -- ongoing

Disney Television Animation

Mickey and the Roadster Racers -- ongoing

Star Vs. the Forces of Evil -- ongoing, wrapping up final season

Milo Murphy's Law -- wrapping up

Amphibia -- ongoing

The Owl House -- ongoing

Fancy Nancy -- ongoing

Monsters, Inc. (series) -- ongoing

Vampirina -- ongoing

The Lion Guard -- ongoing

Elena of Avalor -- ongoing

Muppet Babies -- ongoing

Duck Tales -- ongoing

Big City Greens -- ongoing

Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure -- ongoing

T.O.T.S. -- ongoing (with Titmouse/Robin Red Breast ... see below)

Big Hero 6: The Series -- ongoing

Lady and the Tramp 3 -- (small crew on development work)

DreamWorks Animation


Veggie Tales -- ongoing

Rocky and Bullwinkle -- ongoing

Puss In Boots -- ongoing

Wizards: Tales of Arcadia -- ongoing

Home -- ended

Voltron -- ending

Dragons Jr. -- ongoing

Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts

Harvey Street Girls -- ongoing

Captain Underpants -- ongoing

Trolls -- ongoing


(Note: Though many features are placed in development, some never make it to production. This is an animationland rule.)

The Bad Guys -- in development

Trolls World Tour -- in development

The Croods 2 -- in development

Shrek 5 -- in development

Boss Baby 2 -- in development

Duplass Brothers Productions/ Starburns Industries

Animals -- ended by HBO after Season #3

Extinct Productions

Extinct -- in development

Fox Animation

The Simpsons -- ongoing (picked up for 2 new seasons)

Family Guy -- ongoing

American Dad -- ongoing

20th Century Fox TV

Solar Opposites -- ongoing (Justin Roiland for Hulu)

Gaumont International Television/ Wild West

F Is For Family -- ongoing


Most of Hasbro's production work is now done at their studio in Ireland.

My Little Pony -- ongoing

Rescue Bots Academy -- (listed here but done in Ireland)

My Little Pony feature -- development

HotHouse Productions/Day By Day Productions

Mr. Pickles -- ongoing (Season 4 on Adult Swim)

Illumination Entertainment (Universal)

(Note: Most of IE's production work is done in Paris, France at the former MacGuff studio. Some pre-production in Southern California.)

Minions 2 -- development

Sing 2 -- development

Johnny Express -- development

Mario feature -- development

Despicable Me 4 -- development

Marvel Animation

Spider-Man Specials -- ongoing

Marvel Rising -- ongoing

Avengers Assembled -- wrapping up


The Addams Family -- (small crew developing same)

Netflix Animation Studios

Netflix's animation facility on Sunset Boulevard (hard by the old Warner lot) is teeming with projects and activity, ramped up over the past two years. They move fast.

Kid Cosmic -- ongoing (Craig McCracken)

Over the Moon (feature - Glen Keane)) -- development

Maya and the Three -- ongoing

Mighty Little Bheem -- ongoing

Trash Truck -- ongoing

Klaus (feature) -- development/production

The Willoughbys (feature) -- development/production

Wendell and Wild (stop motion feature - Selick) -- development/ production

Elizabeth Ito project -- ongoing


Nickelodeon has not had an easy time of it. The dominant kid entertainment delivery system for years and years, its ratings have steadily declined, and other platforms have gained on it (Netflix, YouTube, Disney, etc. Per industry veterans, it didn't help that Nick was slow getting into streaming shows on the internet.) New Nick topkick Brian Robbins is working to take the studio in new directions. Whether he succeeds or not remains to be seen.

Update: As Cartoon Brew reported and industry veterans have confirmed (see CN, above), Glitch Techs hit a speed bump on the back end of its initial order of episodes. The studio might order more half-hours later, but it seems to be up in the air.

Bunsen is a Beast (Hartman) -- ending

Sponge Bob Square Pants -- ongoing

The Loud House -- ongoing

Santiago of the Seas (formerly Captain Calavera) -- ongoing

Shimmer and Shine -- ending

Pinky Malinky -- ended

Glitch Techs -- ongoing (with hiccups -- layoffs)

Middle School Moguls -- storyboard artists cycling off

Los Casagrandes (Loud House spin off) -- ongoing

Man of the House -- ongoing

Meet the Voxels -- development

Rugrats -- in development (reboot)

Paramount Animation/ (Animated Productions, Inc.)

Bobbleheads -- development

It's A Wonderful Sponge -- development

Monster on the Hill -- development

Loud House feature -- development (with Nick)

Rise of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles feature -- development (with Nick)

Rick and Morty LLC)

Rick and Morty -- ongoing

Robin Red Breast/ Titmouse Studio

Robin Red Breast (Titmouse) has both union and non-union projects; it also operates a New York-based facility. Over the years it's done a number of shows for Disney, DreamWorks, Amazon and Netflix, among others. (Sub-contracting projects is a large part of the game.)

Big Mouth -- ongoing

T.O.T.S. -- ongoing

Ballmastrs: 9009

Captain Underpants -- ongoing

Bless the Harts -- development

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur -- ongoing

Little Big Awesome -- ongoing

Rough Draft Studio

Disenchantment -- ongoing (seasons 3 & 4)

Shadow Machine

Bo Jack Horsemen -- ongoing

Dad Boner -- ongoing

Final Space -- ongoing

Chuck Deuce -- development

Tuca and Bertie -- Tornante and Shadow Machine for Netflix

Sony Pictures Animation

Sony Pictures Animation continues as a pre-production facility in Culver City, while most production is centered in Vancouver (where the Free Money flows). Sony also releases animated co-productions and pickups.

Fixed -- in development

Black Knight -- in development

Ghostbusters (animated spin-off) -- in development

The Mitchells Vs. The Machines -- development

Spider-Man Into The Spider-verse sequel -- in development

Spider-woman -- in development

Skydance (Media) Animation

Skydance Animation was set up in 2017 with Dreamworks Animation veteran Bill Damaschke as head exec. In January 2019, Damaschke was given his walking papers and former Pixar/Walt Disney Animation topkick John Lasseter came aboard, and has already gotten involved in decision-making. the studio has a production partnership with Ilion Animation Studios in Madrid, Spain and three projects in various stages of development. The current development slate will soon likely expand and possibly change.

Luck -- development/production (2021 release

Split -- development

Powerless -- development

The Fourteenth Goldfish -- development

Splash Entertainment

Headquartered in the west San Fernando Valley, Splash Entertainment rolls out a "Norm of the North "sequel this Spring, and a third installment next Fall.

Norm of the North #2 -- ending

Norm of the North #3 -- in overseas production

Starburns Industries/ Duplass Brothers Productions

Animals -- ended after 3 seasons

Stoopid Buddies Stoodio

Robot Chicken -- ongoing

Super Mansion -- ongoing

Walt Disney Animation Studios

John Lasseter has departed -- and is now at Skydance Animation -- and writer/director Jennifer Lee is the new top creative exec.

Frozen 2 -- in production

Dragon Empire -- development

Various unannounced features -- in development

Warner Animation Group (WAG)

Warners has multiple pre-production studio sites in Los Angeles and Burbank. Production is done at studios overseas. (The usual rule applies: only a few projects will ultimately reach the big silver screen.)

Tom and Jerry -- development

Scooby Doo -- development*

The Cat In The Hat -- development

The Ice Dragon -- development

Toto -- development

Coyote Vs. Acme -- development

The Flintstones -- development

*There is always a Scooby project being done SOMEWHERE. (And why that is, I donno. It's the same tired plot, over and over.)

Warner Bros. Animation

Unikitty -- ongoing

Justice League Action -- waiting for possible pickup

Harley Quinn -- ongoing

Young Justice -- Season 3

Mike Tyson Mysteries -- ongoing

Teen Titans Go! -- ongoing (Season 6)

DC Superhero Girls -- ongoing

ThunderCats Roar -- ongoing

Green Eggs and Ham -- ongoing

(Newer) Scooby Doo Guess Who -- ongoing

Looney Toons Shorts -- ongoing

Hanna-Barbera Shorts -- ongoing

Gremlins -- ongoing

Wild Canary

For some years now, Wild Canary in Toluca Lake has, along with other product, made a number of shows for Disney TVA.

Puppy Dog Pals -- ongoing

Rocketeer -- ongoing

Mira Royl Detective -- ongoing

The big news in both live-action and animation is Video-On-Demand (aka "New Media" or "movies and t.v. over the internet".) New delivery platforms for entertainment have grown the big and small-screen stories by leaps and bounds. In 1989, the Animation Guild had 700 active members, and now has over six times that number.

In 2019, television and theatrical animation is one of the most profitable sectdors of the motion picture business.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The history of American animation from the 1930s until today! The feuds! The screwups! The struggles to get stuff made! ... as told by the people who were there: Mouse in Transition and Mouse in Orbit.

Work Around Town #3 can be found here.


  1. Do you or any of your spies know what's going on with Steven Universe? Like, what's coming after the movie in the fall?

  2. The way this goes, when a studio has enough episodes to fill its commercial needs, it usually stops making new episodes. So, likely no new episodes after the movie. Bu I will check with people at CN.

    1. Thanks for the reply. It's strange tho because the creator and some of the writers have very openly spoken about the show in a way that makes it clear that it isn't over .

    2. The Creatives often have different ideas and desires than the suits.

    3. We know that last september was when a new storyboard artist (Etienne Guignard, a french guy) joined the show and a storyboard revisionist (Maya Petersent) got promoted and they talked about working their first episode together.

    4. So, what "people at CN" says?

  3. what is the asterisk by the scooby-doo development meant to indicate?

    1. I meant to put a smart aleck comment about Scooby Doo in the post, and then didn't. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Do you have any info about Teen Titans GO or The Powerpuff Girls?

  5. Wait sorry is it a new justice league series?

    1. I think it should be "Young Justice" at CN. But I will go check.

    2. If it’s young justice then it won’t be CN

  6. By Justice League do you mean Young Justice?

  7. what is the difference between ending and wrapping up? and is milo wrapping up s2 or the series

  8. Wrapping Up is probably referring to the development of a show finishing up production, while Ending meaning that the series is actually ending and that there's no further continuation of the series production, in short words, show's ended/canceled; production ended.

    1. Wrapping up is --- wrapping up current production. Ending is the show has been cancelled.

      A Disney person says that "Milo Murphy's Law" has not been officially cancelled, so ... no official "ending".

  9. Glitch Techs isn't ending. The production on its 2nd season was just halted until further notice (more accurately, until the network sees how well the 1st season does).

    1. The problem with shows going on "hiatus" for periods of time (for whatever reason) is that crews move on because they have to pay the bills, and sometimes it's hard to staff back up with quality artists because employment is high right now.

    2. That still doesn't mean the show is flat-out ending just yet.

  10. What about Kevin 11? Is a Ben 10 spin-off or...?

  11. Is the current animated spider man show ending and what exactly are these specials?

  12. Wait, what do you mean with Justice League as Ongoing? There is no such thing as a Justice League show right now, unless you count Action which you also listed.

    Did you mean Young Justice?

  13. I really hope you respond to this because I'm DYING to know but do you have any any any information on those announced WDAS films? Concept? Setting?

    1. I'm not plugged into the action in the way I used to be. Perhaps somebody who is can respond.

      Features in development sometimes stay in development for years and years. Sometimes they're not made at all. This happened to "Gigantic", it could well happen to others.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. It feels like these are the only posts most people read or reply to. For what it's worth, I value your insight, Steve. Used to love reading the animation guild blog back in the day. It was never the same after you left, and I think it's no longer being updated. Hope the guild is still going strong.

    1. Thanks, Jack. Guild is going strong. TAG blog withered away when I left. So it goes.

      I could build this new blog up if I wanted to post two or three times a day, but I did that already, and I'm a one-man band. I do the "work Around Town" posts because they fill a need. Thanks to New Media (Netflix, Amazon, others) cartoon production grows by leaps and bounds.

      Southern California has a deep talent pool of animation artists, and has maintained a gravitational pull on new and old companies headquartering in and around Los Angeles.

  16. I thought Justice League Action was all but dead given how poorly CN treated it here in the US. Now I'm curious as to whether CN is giving it another chance, but if there does end up being a second season. I think it'd probably go to some other outlet (the DC Universe service being the most likely candidate).

    Also, I didn't know they were doing shorts based on Hanna-Barbera properties. Obviously there's Scooby Doo and I knew that a new Flintstones series called Yabba Dabba Dinosaurs was being produced, and a test pilot was shown to Boomerang's online survey group and even partially leaked (I was part of the survey panel that saw it; it was okay, but nothing special), but I wasn't expecting a whole HB series; at least not one like the upcoming artist-driven Looney Tunes shorts that's being implied here (unless that listing is just a catch-all for the non-Scooby HB productions being made for Boomerang like Wacky Races and Yabba Dabba Dinosaurs).

    1. The info comes from artists at different studios, some at Cartoon Network. The list gets circulated to Animation Guild members who give input and correct errors and omissions.

      With all the production in L.A., all the old and new studios doing work, the list is constantly changing. I don't get super detailed because researching, phoning and drilling down would be all I do. (Way too much work.)

  17. Hey, is there any news on Ballmastrz 9009?

  18. What do you mean by "Lady and the Tramp 3" is in the works at DTVA? I thought they stopped making cheapquels. Did you mean a TV series?

    1. No, the company had a small group working on something titled "Lady and the Tramp 3". Wasn't clear whether it was at DTVA or someplace else. Disney TSoon Studio is, as the saying goes, KApoot.

      Beyond what's posted, your guess is as good as mine.

  19. Star vs. the Forces of Evil is ending. Disney officially announced it. What's the status on the Monsters, Inc. series? Is it still ongoing?

    1. Last season, announced this year Way this goes is, board crew will be laid off as their assignments end.

  20. What are those Spider-Man specials you mentioned? The LEGO ones or something else?

  21. Has Descendants: Wicked World ended at Disney Television? You included it at your previous Work Around Town post but not now...

    1. As far as I can see, it has ended. If somebody at DTVA says otherwise, I'll put it in.

  22. Hanna-Barbera Shorts? I assume that is a similar creator-driven project as Looney Tunes Cartoons?

    Also, do you have any insight (if you can) on what 'Gremlins' might be? A series based on Dante's film?

  23. Thank you so much for doing this!

    Did you find anything out about Thunder Cats Roar? That show just went off the map after its announcement, and there hasn't been anything about it since.

    1. It's being touted. I've put it up. If somebody from WBA says otherwise, I'll change it. (Industry veterans have been correcting errors, but this is an ongoing process.)

  24. Any status for the Monsters, Inc. show on Disney+? Or how about ShadowMachine's progress on The Shivering Truth or Pinocchio?

  25. @Steve Hulett I have a question is Legend Of Legendardry Place being made into a series at CN Studios as i saw it was recently filed for a few trademarks awhile ago, but nothing was formally announced though by them. Also is Tig N Seek a renamed for the pilot Tiggle Winks and is Maow Maow, Hue and Superrilla new Adult Swim original Ip's just being made in house by CN to air on the block? Thank you i appreciate it.:)

  26. Is there anything else you may know about Skylanders Academy?

  27. The Muppet Babies reboot isn't done by Disney Television Animation

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.


  29. Re "Legend of Legendary Place" (from a well-placed CNer): "Here is what I know. The pilot was done about two years ago. Calvin, the creator of the pilot had for awhile a crew developing the project. I don’t think that it was picked up for series. Calvin is now a board artist on "Apple and Onion". I think if it we’re going to be a series they would have done something."

    1. Ah ok i see very interesting, Well that's unfortunate to hear it. But man it has so much potential as it'll make for a great replacement for Gumball and it has a simipsons vibe from it when I watch it, great writing,character development,unique intricate plot etc that it would stand out amongst CN's other series's and the tv landscape besides it neing i see as an inspiration of Bob's Burgers. But thank you for the response I wholeheartedly appreciate it! :)

  30. Young Justice is made by Warner Bros. Animation for the streaming service DC Universe. It has nothing to do with Cartoon Network anymore.

  31. Summer Camp Island supposedly still has 20 more episodes that haven't aired in season 1. Did CN just give them another season or are they done working on season 1?

  32. Hey Bro, What is Kevin 11?? Is this a Ben 10 spin-off

    1. Don't know what Kevin 11 signifies; perhaps someone cam chime in.

    2. Kevin 11 is a character within the Ben 10 franchise, and is supposed to be Ben's foil, I believe. If there's something called "Kevin 11", it's most likely a spin-off of some kind, probably of the reboot.

  33. Do you have updates on, among other things, Space Jam 2 (WAG), Three Caballeros (Disney TV), and the Rocko and Invader Zim TV movies (Nick)? You had them as ongoing last time and they're MIA here.

    1. I ask about Space Jam 2 because Warner got an eight-figure tax credit for it, not something I imagine would have happened for a movie destined for development hell.

    2. If Warners is doing SJ 2, they will announce or advertise it somewhere in the great by and by.

    3. From what I've heard, the Rocko and Zim movies are complete. Nick just hasn't released them yet for whatever reason.

    4. Oh there's also Tweleve Forever that you didn't put up onto the blog as it's by Netflix, is it still ongoing and recieved a season 2 renewal yet?

    5. Not sure where Twelve Forever is done. If it isn't in So Cal, it wouldn't be listed.

    6. One of TF's production company Puny Entertainment is in Minnesota.

    7. Ah ok i see, oh well it is what it is hopefully it'll get a early season 2 renewal soon by the time it premieres. Ok interesting and thank you for the response Steve I wholeheartedly appreciate it! :)

  34. Really worried about this so please answer as soon as you can
    Where's Teen Titans Go!, OK K.O!, Steven Univeerse And Powerpuff girls?

    1. OK K.O! and SU are not ending. The SU took a 6 month production hiatus after finishing "Change Your Mind", and started back up again sometime in the fall of 2017. They've been working on the show to this day since then. CN is likely waiting to start the next Season after the movie airs later this year. K.O's crew has also shown no indication that production on it is stopping or even slowing down anytime soon. TTG! and PPG are unknown to me at the moment, though I've heard that both of them are indeed ending .

    2. I haven't gotten word as yet from CNers on OK KO or Steven Universe. Will change as I get new status reports.

    3. See additional post under CN above ...

  35. Why is Voltron listed as continuing when the eighth and final season was released in December? Is that a mistake or are they secretly making more?

  36. So is Ballmastrs: 9009 ongoing or not?

  37. Are Maow Maow, Hue, and Super-Rilla Adult Swim or Cartoon Network shows?

  38. Have you heard anything about an Oswald: The Lucky Rabbit TV series at Disney?

    1. I believe some work might be going on for internet consumption; nobody has confirmed.

  39. Is the Monsters, Inc. TV show at DTVA ongoing? You didn't list it. Did you just forget or has it wrapped production?

  40. Talked to a director at CN this morning. Steven Universe will be continuing with new episodes, but OK KO is completed.

    1. So OK KO is ending or did the latest season finish its production and they're now waiting to get greenlit for another season?

    2. My information is its done,. COMPLETED. Finito.

    3. that's weird, because we know that the show's color stylist was promoted to art director just last fall, and a boarder got promoted to director recently. Even if we had gotten an unusually short final season a la adventure time, only the preproduction side of things would be 100% wrapped up

    4. Hi, could you possibly confirm what "continuing with new episodes" is meant to mean vs ongoing? I assume they mean the same thing but I just wanted to be sure Steven Universe isn't wrapping up production or anything.

  41. So Teen Titans Go got renewed for another season?

    1. All I can tell you is that work is still being done, per Guild members. "Renewed for another season" is often a meaningless prhase, since studios have been known to split, say, a twenty-four episode order into two chunks calling the second chunk "Season FIVE!" when in actuality the shows were already ordered, and management just split the order into segments, calling the second part a new season for publicity purposes.

  42. I heard rumors of a continuation of 12 Oz. Mouse coming in 2020. Any word on this from Radical Axis?

  43. Home ended too, Back in July 2018, it's not coming back. Season 4 was the final according to oh's VA

  44. Please note the "Cartoon Network Studio" update, above.

  45. What happened to “The Tom and Jerry Show” at Warner Bros Animation, is it ending?

  46. so skylanders academy is having a fourth season?

  47. How is Veggietales still going? I thought it was done.

  48. Any news about "Welcome to the Wayne" (Nickelodeon)?

  49. May I ask why the info about "Glitch Techs" is written in Cartoon Network studios segment when it's Nicks show?

    1. Info given to me by animation veteran working at CN. Now clarified.

    2. Ah, I see! Thank you very much for clearing this up & bringing in more information!

  50. I so can't wait for this show close enough I am so happy that there done with season 1 and being scripted for season 2

  51. El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera (2022) and Rugrats (2021)

  52. Do you know what's happening with the Netflix She-ra reboot?

    I know there's a second season coming in April, which is actually the 1st season split into two parts.

    I was wondering if there will there be more after that, because I certainly don't want to see more of it.
    I found the first season to have cringy voice acting and dialogue with annoying characters, add to that cheap and lazy animation.
    The only good thing I can say really was Catra and episode 11.
    and as for the Catra and Adora relation, I found it uncomfortable, onesided and the beginning of a toxic relationship, I really don't see how people can ship them together.

    1. I have no personal interest in the show myself, but I did hear more or less the same complaints (especially concerning Adorra/Catra) on a series of episodic reviews I follow on YouTube.

      Some big names really love the show, but let's be honest, that's not always a sign of general appeal. I mean, Steven Universe toys have proven to be poor sellers despite its internet popularity. Of course, Netflix is notoriously cagey regarding its viewership numbers, so we have no way of really knowing how well it's doing on that front. Still, DreamWorks' initial deal with Netflix had its shows (or at least certain ones like Voltron and Peabody and Sherman) get 78 guaranteed episodes, so it's possible that She-Ra got the same.

    2. My apologies if you already got this, by my previous reply didn't get posted.
      my guess it was down to the links I added.

      Hope I can remember what I wrote

      As I would have previously said, if the She-ra reboot did get 78 episodes, that that would be there will be 5 more seasons including the 2nd, which churns my stomach at the thought of it, because that would mean the Netflix would have more opportunity to butcher the show even further.

      as for the big name reviews, I prefer to ignore them because I consider them to be biased in their reviews, do to the face most of them either get paid for positive reviews or are actually owned by the very company that own the She-ra reboot, plus the fact that they ran a campaign which was actually being led by the Marketing department behind the She-ra reboot, to slam down on everyone that prefers the old She-ra over the new one, calling them every name under the sun, it got so bad that Meledy Britt the voice actress of the 80s She-ra and Catra posted a comment on her facebook in defense of these old fan, even at the risk of losing her job, (I can give you the link, but I don't know if I'll be able to post it)

      Adding to all this is the fact that all these big names only really concentrated on one thing and that how "diverse" it is, how it's representing the LGBT community. Well, to it did a very poor job of it. all it had was a relationship that was one-sided and the beginning of being toxic and the main LGBT couple are left in the background as decoration only to be shown for a minute at most in the last couple of episodes with maybe a couple of lines of dialogue. I saw better diverse representation in The Dragon Prince, Legend of Korra, Steven Universe and RWBY.

      So, I don't think I wrong in saying that given what they showed us in the first season this is basically a new show using the She-ra name and skin and certainly does not deserve a 2nd season let alone 6.

    3. Here's what Melendy Britt posted

      A fan sent this to me...I know I may be taking a chance posting and commenting on this, but my heart has been hurting about the comments some marketing people and publicity machines are bombarding the internet with regarding some fans of the original She Ra series.
      I'm actually glad that in this published article someone finally has said "enough" to the kind of divisive marketing and negative publicity that has been promoted regarding the fact that some people might actually prefer the original series. It's a big world, and there's enough room for many cartoons. But, because the She Ra name is being used to do a "new" series, I believe you must respect the admiration of fans of the original, and not because you have the power of marketing or an ego trip put them into categories that denigrate their character and insinuate that if they prefer the original, something is wrong with them. In meeting thousands of fans, I've NEVER come across any person who did not have a great heart and genuine love for the integrity and pure intention of the original series. It changed their lives for the better. It gave them comfort, laughter and joy with a moral view that is exceptional 33 years later. I love each and every one of you...JMHO #thankyou #original #sheraprincessofpower #shera #yourejustfine #forthehonorofgrayskull #mastersoftheuniverse #cheatersneverwin #ilovesherafans #respectoneanother #iamshera #watchoutforpublicityspin #divisivenetworkmarketing #lovewillprevail
      www dot melendybritt dot com

    4. And another show that represented diversity far better than the She-ra reboot is Gen:Lock

  53. What happened to Hasbro's Micronauts cartoon? Is it still set to air in 2020 to coincide with the movie?

    Also any chance we'll get a New G.I. Joe cartoon since that's getting a new film as well?

    Finally will the G5 My Little pony TV series be CG like the film or 2D animation in Toonboom like the previous Littlest Petshop was?

    1. Most of Hasbro's shows are done at their studio in Ireland, and so wouldn't be included in "Work Around Town". (Hasbro DID have a studio in Burbank, but my information is that it's minimally staffed.)

  54. @AnimeHunter: The She-Ra Reboot is Great! Take off your stupid nostalgia goggles & stop being such a bigoted Man-Ch1ild!!

    1. I'm happy you liked the reboot, I didn't, and I am pretty sure I explained quite clear why.

      Now, you can say what you want about me, am I nostalgic, yes I admit it, but am I a bigoted Man-Ch1ild, definitely not.

      Now, either you've read what I wrote, and decided to ignore what I said, or just read the first part and decided not to read the rest.

      Because I couldn't care less if a show is diverse or not, I have no problem WHAT SO EVER if a character is gay, lesbian, gender fluid (recently introduced in Gen:Lock), black, white, asian, muslim, thin, plus size or any other diversity under the sun.

      to me any character, diverse or otherwise, has to make sense, to simply put in diverse characters, just to say look we have a diverse cast of characters, maybe even making She-ra a lesbian. If that's the only thing what supposed to sell it to the audience and not on the show's own merits, then it's a failure right from the start.

      There has to be a balance, between the story being told and the characters that are there, should the characters be ones moving the story forward, yes, I've always believed that. but not at the expense of telling the story, I mean take a look at Adora, the story tells us that she started her training when she was literally a baby, and that's all she's been doing since then. So one would expect her to behave like a soldier, someone who can handle stressful situations, but instead all we got was someone, who didn't know what they were doing, is prone to clumsiness and is more interested in slumber parties and ballroom dancing. To me this screams, that the people behind didn't care much for the story, all they care about what to push the character but not what the story told us about her, had they followed what we were told previously about, It would have her a much more interesting character, if Adora behaved like the soldier she was trained to be, we would have gotten to see her progression from a horde soldier to someone who rediscovers her humanity and becoming a hero worthy of being She-ra.

      So I hope this clears things for you regarding where I stand on this matter. and please know this will be the only response you'll be getting from me. I said my piece, to say more, would just be me repeating my self.

      bye and thank you for your time.

    2. Oh and before I forget, saying, even though you haven't said it and I'm not saying you will.

      Saying that one shouldn't watch a show because maybe it isn't for you or it isn't aimed at your demographic, is, to me at least, a weak reason to tell someone not to watch something.

  55. Sighs When will Teen Titans GO! GET CANCELLED!?!?! WHEN IS THIS TTG STUFF GOING TO STOP?!

  56. Any news about The Teen Titans Go vs Teen Titans movie?

  57. Is Marvel HQ exclusive to only India or is it replacing Disney XD Worldwide since Marvel HQ came from a YouTube channel which launched in 2017?

    1. When I talked to Marvel a couple weeks back, they weren't doing Marvel HQ in Glendale. Not sure where it's being done.

  58. Is there going to be a season 6 of Steven Universe?

  59. My information is, yes, they'll be making more half-hour episodes of SU

    1. How do "half hours" work, again? Does this mean the individual episodes themselves are 22 minutes, or am I mixed up?

    2. Half-hours = 22 minute episodes. These could be two 11-minute episodes or one 22-minute episodes. But "half hour".

    3. Ah, thank you for clarifying. Appreciated.

  60. what happens to Disney XD now that Disney puts their focus on Disney+, Disney Channel and Disney Junior?


  61. My assumption is that, at some point it will be streamed. (Prediction: eventually, most channels and most product will be streamed.)

    But until Diz Co. makes an announcement about Disney XD'x fate, its status can be considered quo.

  62. How is Animals. ongoing when it was cancelled by HBO in October?

    Also do you mean by King Julien, the 78eps-ordered All Hail King Julien which already met it's goal and ended on Netflix?

    Did you hear anything about Starship Goldfish? Was it picked up, somebody interested?

    Not really interested in it personally, but anything about continuation of the new Kung Fu Panda series?

    Thx in advance, Steve!

    1. To follow up: My spies and stoolies can offer nothing substantive on "Kung Fu Panda" or "Starfish Goldfish". I wish it were otherwise...

  63. Animals and All Hail King Julien now corrected; will check with spies on Starship Goldfish and new Kung Fu Panda.

  64. OK, now this is just getting ridiculous
    Comicbook dot com announces
    'She-Ra and the Princesses of Power' Receives Emmy Nomination

    place this after comicbook dot com for the link
    2019 "fslash" 03 "fslash" 23 "fslash" netflix-she-ra-emmy-nomination

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  66. I have a question: what information do you have on the Paul Rudish Mickey Mouse cartoons? Also, the Amazon Rocky and Bullwinkle series? This blog says ongoing, but I thought R&B wrapped production?

    1. Disney, per some sources, is looking at its Mickey Mouse properties, but whether they're going to stop the shorts completely (word circulated that could happen), I haven't seen anything official.

      "Rocky & Bullwinkle" is in its second season on Amazon. An earlier iteration of reboot was on Netflix. Don't see any announcements of it being at the end of its run, but I could have missed it.

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  69. Hi, I have a ask, there will be new episodes of SU coming soon?

    1. My info hasn't changed. New "Steven Universe" eps were made; when they're put out, I donno.

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