Friday, June 12, 2020

Work Around Town 2020 -- The Sum Total (More or Less)

The overarching reality for cartoons in the 21st Century (for both large screen and small screen, kid animation and adult animation)? It's roaring along like a high-powered locomotive.

And multiple Los Angeles studios are producing large amounts of work, much of it Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD), from Disney+ to Netflix to HBO Max, Hulu and others. Plus there are still ongoing productions for Cartoon Network, the Disney Channel, Fox Primetime, etc. (The other "distribution platforms"). This holds true for Cartoon Network, Disney Television Animation and multiple others. Also, too: the Animation Guild continues to expand, rising to 5300+ members, while its members continue to be employed through the pandemic. (While the animation studios in Los Angeles stand empty during the pandemic, animation work goes on in bedrooms and offices, on dining room tables and converted playrooms. This makes L.A.'s animation union one of the few entertainment guilds that is currently functioning.)

Bento Box

Purchased by the new Fox Corporation (the company not owned by Disney) in August, 2019, Bento Box performs pre-production on a variety of shows. BB was founded in 2009 by Scott Greenberg (CEO) and Joel Kuwahara (president of production), both of whom will keep leading the company as it becomes a stand-alone division of Fox Entertainment.

The Great North -- ongoing (newer show)

Duncanville -- ongoing (newer show)

Bob's Burgers -- ongoing

Cartoon Network --

Cartoon Network anticipates placing three new shows in work in 2020 (projects to be decided.)

The studio produces content for a variety of distribution platforms, but it's been creating more content for HBO Max. Most series are now created as 11-minute episodes.

Adventure Time -- spin-off specials now in work.

Apple & Onion -- season #2 in work.

Ben 10 -- completed; Kevin 11 spin-off awaiting possible pick up.

Close Enough -- ending Season #2, awaiting possible pickup for #3.

Craig of the Creek -- more than 100 11-minute episodes completed and could be near the end of its run. (No final decisions about end.)

Fungies -- Season #2.

Infinity Train -- HBO Max -- 10 11-minute serialized episodes. There is talk of doing a long-form special.

Steven Universe Future -- series completed. New episodes still airing.

Summer Camp Island -- in production season #3

J. J. Vallard's Fairy Tales -- 10 limited animation episodes.

Summer Camp Island -- Season #2

Tig 'n Seek -- in production season #2

Victor and Valentino -- ongoing

We Bare Bears long-form special near completion.

Wee Baby Bears -- season #1.

Update: Cartoon Network is in negotiations with Titmouse Studios to do more episodes of Mao Mao: Heroes Of Pure Heart.

Disney Television Animation --

Located in Glendale and Burbank, California, the Disney TVA was founded in 1984 (at the dawn of the Michael Eisner-Jeffrey Katzenberg era); DTVA currently has three locations in two Southern California cities. A few years ago, decisions were made to cap the number of Disney small-screen shows done in-house, and several series are now done by sub-contractors (see below).

Elena of Avalor -- from 2016 -- ongoing

Duck Tales -- reboot from 2017 -- ongoing

Big Hero 6: the Series -- from 2017 -- ongoing

Big City Greens -- from 2018 -- ongoing

Fancy Nancy -- from 2018 -- ongoing

Muppet Babies -- reboot from 2018 -- ongoing

Amphibia -- from 2019 -- ongoing

Marvel's Moongirl and Devil Dinosaur -- from 2020 -- ongoing (Marvel/Disney, subcontracted to Titmouse Animation.

The Curse of Molly McGee -- from 2019-2020 -- ongoing for Disney Channel

Monsters at Work -- from 2020 (with Pixar) -- ongoing

The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder -- #3 -- the relaunch was announced on February 27th, with creator Bruce Smith and writer Calvin Brown Jr. returning.

Disney TVA's Los Angeles Subcontractors

Rough Draft Animation Studios

RDS, Inc. was founded in Van Nuys, California in 1991. Currently it has studios in South Korea where it functions as a major overseas production facility, and a second studio on the Glendale-Burbank city line. (For many years its L.A.-area studio was located on Brand Boulevard in Glendale.)

Big City Greens -- from 2018 -- ongoing with Disney TV Animation

The Owl House -- from 2020 -- ongoing with Disney TV Animation

Wild Canary Animation --

Started in 2008, Wild Canary Animation is located on Riverside Drive on the Burbank side of Toluca Lake. It's a long-time subcontractor for Disney Television Animation, previously producing Sheriff Callie's Wild West, Miles From Tomorrowland, and Puppy Dog Pals for the Mouse House.

Mira, Royal Detective -- from 2020 -- ongoing with Disney Jr.

The Chicken Squad -- from 2020 -- ongoing with Disney Jr.

The Rocketeer -- from 2019 -- ongoing with Disney Jr.)

Fox Television Animation

Fox Television Animation -- now owned by Disney (in't most everything?) -- has two facilities: one in Burbank, California; one in Los Angeles, California.

The Simpsons -- thirty-second season (Burbank studio)

Family Guy -- eighteenth season currently airing -- season 19 to be announced (Los Angeles Studio)

American Dad -- renewed for 18th and 19th seasons (Los Angeles Studio)

Marvel Animation

Also Disney owned, the present iteration of Marvel Animation Studios is in Glendale on Flower Street, across the street from Disney's tech campus. (Different versions of "Marvel Animation" have existed since the 1990s; before that, Marvel licensed characters to various animation studios.) The reorganization of Marvel Television and Marvel Animation under the purview of Chief Creative Officer Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios has been ongoing during the last couple of months, with longtime Marvel Animation executive Cort Lane exiting his position as Marvel's Vice President of Animation and Family Entertainment last January. Middle management at the Glendale studio remains (mostly) the same.

Spidey and his Amazing Friends -- 3-D show for Disney Jr., in work with a small crew

DreamWorks Animation [features]

DreamWorks Animation's feature division is located on a custom-built campus in Glendale that is leased, not owned. (The campus was sold before the company's sale to Universal-Comcast, then leased back under a twenty-year agreement.)

The Croods 2 -- ongoing

Boss Baby 2 -- ongoing

Spirit Riding Free -- ongoing (based on the tv series based on the original hand-drawn feature. Are we keeping this straight?)

The Bad Guys -- ongoing

Also various other projects in development.

DreamWorks Animation TV

DreamWorks Animation Television came into existence in 2013 when DWA cut a deal with Netflix to produce 300 hours of animation for the streaming service. The division has been going strong ever since. The division was a good part of why Universal-Comcast was interested in buying the company a couple of years later, and it's been going strong ever since.

Rhyme Time Town -- ongoing

Go, Dog, Go! -- ongoing

Dragons Rescue Riders -- ongoing

Felix the Cat -- ongoing

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous -- ongoing

Trolls Topia -- ongoing

The Mighty Ones -- ongoing

Madagascar: A little Wild -- ongoing

Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts -- ongoing

Cleopatra In Space -- ongoing (with Titmouse, Inc.)

Archibald's Next Big Thing -- ongoing (with Titmouse, Inc.)

Spirit Riding Free: (various spinoffs) -- ongoing

Wizards: Tales of Acadia -- ongoing

Gabby's Doll House -- ongoing

Fast and Furious: Spy Racers -- ongoing


Formerly Illumination Entertainment, and owned by UniversalComcast, the animation powerhouse has been creating high-brossing animated features made on a tight budget ($65-$80 million, since Despicable Me came into existence in 2010. Its principle production studio is Illumination MacGuff in Paris, France.

Minions: the Rise of Gru -- ongoing

Despicable Me 4 -- ongoing

Sing 2 -- ongoing

Mario feature -- ongoing

Netflix Animation

Netflix has increased its animation profile in stages. First it contracted with Dreamworks Animation to create multiple new animated series for its streaming platform. (This pretty much pulled DreamWorks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg's fat out of the fire and made DreamWorks Animation attractive to NBC-Universal-Comcast, which now owns it.) It has now made deal with a number of animation studio, including Titmouse in L.A. and Studio Ghibli in Tokyo to create new animated product. It's also set up its own cartoon studio in Hollywood, which is making a plethora of animated cartoons.

Over the Moon -- post production -- director, Glen Keane (Netflix/Pearl Studios)

Love, Death and Robots -- two seasons (Netflix/Blur Studios)

The Cuphead Show -- new show ongoing

Nickelodeon Animation Studios

Nick Animation began life in rented space in Studio City, way back in the early '90s. It's been headquartered in Burbank, California on Olive Avenue for decades now, and houses much of its staff in a refurbished one-story facility and glass-sheathed skyscraper that surround rectangle of open space that used to hold a miniature golf course (but that was years ago).

Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles -- ongoing (two seasons to date)

Pinky Malinky -- wrapped (or close to ...) -- 60 episodes on Netflix

The Casagrandes -- ongoing -- second season

Glitch Tech -- finishing up (with hiccups) -- streaming Netflix

Kamp Koral -- ongoing Sponge Bob prequel

Adventures in Wonder Park -- ongoing -- Spinoff from the Paramount animated feature; season one premieres in June

Garfield -- ongoing development of the 2019 Jim Davis acquisition

Man of the House -- Norman Lear project announced in '18. Informants say it's ongoing, but?? ...

Middle School Moguls -- ongoing -- Season one wrapped

Big Nate -- ongoing (26 episodes)

Untitled CG Star Trek series -- in continuing development.

Star Trek: Lower Decks -- Seasons 1 & 2 -- Nick and CBS Eye Animation -- The adventures of junior Starfleet officers on the starship USS Cerritos.

Blue's Clues and You! -- ongoing -- Nickelodeon is adding "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" and "Blue’s Clues & You!: Bedtime Stories" to its growing podcast playlist.

The trades have released a long roster of shows that have been cancelled and renewed on various networks and streaming sites; you will find various animated shows on it.

(Note: The list above should be for Nick shows with pre-production in Burbank, so product created elsewhere ("Butterbean's Cafe, etc.) should be found there. No doubt I've made mistakes along the way. As with the other lists, corrected as we go along.

Rick and Morty LLC

Rick and Morty -- ongoing (Season #5)


Final Space -- ongoing

Tuca & Bertie -- ongoing (revival)

Sony Pictures Animation

Hotel Transylvania 4 -- development

Spider-Man: Spiderverse Sequel -- development

Stoopid Buddy Stoodios

Crossing Swords -- ongoing (for Sony Pictures Television/Hulu)

Micro Mayhem -- ongoing (for Quibi)

Gloop World -- ongoing

Filthy Animals -- ongoing

Timouse, Inc., was started in New York in 2000. It now has studios in Los Angeles, Vancouver and on the east coast, and sub-contracts work from a variety of companies and conglomerates. It signed a deal with Netflix to create new shows in January.

Titmouse Animation

Big Mouth -- (new show for Netflix) ongoing

The Midnight Gospel (new show for Netflix) ongoing

Deathstorke: Knights and Dragons -- ongoing

Indivisible -- ongoing

Archibald's Next Big Thing -- ongoing (for Netflix/DreamWorks Animation)

Moongirl and Devil Dinosaur -- ongoing (Marvel/Disney)

Pantheon -- ongoing (for AMC)

Critical Role: The Legend of Vox Machina -- ongoing, though delayed by the pandemic

Warner Bros. has been in the cartoon business for ninety freaking years, and today has two animation subsidiaries. The older one is Warner Bros. Animation, which concentrates on home-screen product (broadcast, cable, streaming, etc.). The new one is Warner Animation Group, which focuses on theatrical releases, though the movies-in-theaters thing is temporarily suspended, since most of the world is "sheltering in place".

Nevertheless, here's a summary of what Warners two studios currently produce. Expect changes as I gather more info. (Cartoon Network Studios, part of the same conglomerate, has these things in work.)


WAG -- Warners-A.T.&T.'s newer feature division, has facilities in Hollywood and Burbank, CA. Most of its employees work on the Warner lot.

Scoob! -- in development -- no announced release date

Tom and Jerry -- in production -- Christmas release (we'll see if that changes, eh?)

Space Jam 2 -- in work -- summer '21 release

Lego Batman 2 -- ongoing development -- no release date; both summer 2021 and 2022 releases have been mentioned, but there is nothing official.

DC Super Pets -- in development -- Spring '22


Multiple production facilities in Burbank, CA. (Warner Ranch, former NBC studios, etc.)

Animaniacs -- ongoing -- artists, as on other Warner series, working from home during the pandemic.

Unikitty! -- ongoing -- currently in Season #3

Teen Titans Go! -- ongoing -- Season 6

D.C. Super Hero Girls -- ongoing -- newer episodes now unspooling on Cartoon Network.

Scooby Doo and Guess Who? -- ongoing -- An official release date for Season 2 hasn't been confirmed; it likely air later this year. Warner Bros. is also releasing their animated movie SCOOB! in a few months, backgrounding how Scooby and Shaggy met and the beginnings of Mystery, Inc.

Little Ellen -- ongoing

Jellystone! -- ongoing -- Season 1

Looney Tunes Cartoons -- ongoing

Green Eggs and Ham -- ongoing -- Season 2

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz -- three seasons (60 episodes plus special)

Harley Quinn -- ongoing -- now in Season 2

Thunder Cats Roar -- ongoing --

Yabba Dabba Dinosaurs -- ongoing

Young Justice -- ongoing -- Season #4

Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai -- ongoing

Deathstroke: Knights and Dragons -- ongoing -- Season premiered in January

Warners released its first "Looney tunes" cartoon short on this date in 1930: the immortal Sinkin' In The Bathtub, starring Bosko.


  1. Do you know what the status of Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart is?

    1. My information is, "Mao Mao" is a Titmouse show. The list above is Cartoon Network Studios; therefore, not included abov.e

  2. And what about Summer Camp Island?

    1. See correct list, above. (In Seasons #3; I went back to my sources.)

    2. Summer Camp Island is moving to HBO Max this summer.

  3. So Kevin 11 is actually a real thing?

    1. Kevin 11, per my info, may or may not go to series. As of eight days ago, no decision had been made.

    2. Yep, it will premiere on HBO Max.

  4. Do you know anything about Victor and Valentino?

    1. I think it's still ongoing (corrected list, above.)

  5. What happened to "Super-Rilla"? Did it get canned? I was looking forward to that, as the name reminded me of those hilarious memes of Harambe the Gorilla (Get it? "Super-RILLA"?)!

  6. About Tig N Seek or Victor Valentino?
    Also, is Craig Of The Creek ending?

    1. See corrections, above. "Craig of the Creek" is likely ending, though possibility of more eps later. (see above).

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I hope Craig of the Creek runs for a few more seasons, I don't the show to end quickly and I hope they make a Craig of the Creek movie live-action or animated.
    And I also hope Season 5 of We Bare Bears, Season 7 of The Amazing World of Gumball, and when will Elliott from Earth premiere on Cartoon Network?
    And also for Book 3 of Infinity Train, I hope it's a prequel of Book 1.

    1. Dude Gumball's ended and it's made in Europe, the crew are currently working on Eliott From Earth. WBB is ending for a spin-off

  8. Are there any new series greenlit by CN at the moment that we haven't heard about like Hue and Superilla

    1. There haven't yet been announcements. Here's what I was told a little while ago:

      "Summer Camp Island" is in the middle of their 2nd season. Things look promising that they'll get a third season.

      "Mao Mao: Heros Of Pure Heart" is produced at Titmouse for Cartoon Network. I've heard that CN will not be picking up any new episodes.

    2. So the show will end at around 50 episodes?

      Also so new episodes of Infinity Train are being made for HBOMax

    3. UPDATE: Just in! "MAo Mao" Heroes of Pure Heart" MAY be adding new episodes, as Cartoon Network is in talks with TitMouse for more shows.

  9. Are there any plans for a Steven Universe spin-off?

  10. Replies
    1. I suppose they thought they had enough eps.

      I only report. I don't get inside cartoon executives' heads.

    2. Kindly note: New episodes are at least in the discussion stage (see above).

  11. Any news about new Ben 10 series after reboot?

  12. any news on Teen Titans Go, Unikitty, or Ninjago?

    1. Teen Titans Go is produced by Warner Bros. Animation. Will ber a later post. This one is about Cartoon Network, the studio.

    2. There's a revival of Animaniacs for Hulu now in production at WBA.

  13. Good, no Regular Show/Dexter's Lab crossover.

  14. what about The Powerpuff Girls?

  15. Anything at all about a Gumball movie?

    1. Haven't heard anything, but it's not ... I don't think ... an L.A. based project.


    2. Thank you for responding. I'm aware Gumball was produced in Europe, but I thought maybe you could shed some light on the situation since the last episode ended on a huge cliffhanger and it seems like a movie has been in up in the air for about 2 years now

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. So are you hearing the rumors that they want more in the Steven Universe "universe" (pardon the pun).

  18. I suppose The Powerpuff Girls and Steven Universe is done done?
    What about shows you listed in old posts like "Superilla", "Hue" and "Legendary Place"

  19. Is there news on Craig Of The Creek

  20. Steven Universe Future: Ended
    Ben 10 2017 version- Ending

    1. No, the Ben 10 reboot was first produced in 2016.

    2. It'll end after Season 4 and Craig of the Creek will end after Season 3, just like Steven Universe Future who was being a miniseries.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Hi there! Do you have any information on Total DramaRama? I know it's not produced in CN Studios (it's produced in Canada) but maybe you heard people there talking about it? Do you have any info?

    1. I'll ask one of my CN contacts. But know If it's done in Canada, it's beyond the scope of the post...

    2. Contacts don't know, since it's out of country.

  23. Here some upcoming Cartoon Network shows that will premiere on HBO Max.

    Summer Camp Island -- Season #2 (June 18, 2020)
    Adventure Time: Distant Lands (June 24, 2020)
    Tig n' Seek (July 23, 2020)
    The Fungies! (August 2020)
    Legend of Legendary Place (Fall 2020)
    Kevin 11 (Fall 2020)
    Infinity Train -- Season #3 (2020)
    Elliot From Earth (2020)
    We Baby Bears (2020)
    Pops and Branwell (Late 2020/Early 2021)
    Mushroom and the Forest of the World (2021)
    The Wonderful Wingits (2021)
    Sunshine Brownstone -- co-production with Nelvana (2021)

  24. I've seen trademarks for Mushroom and The Forest of The World has that been picked up. Also will future CN shows be made for HBO Max?

  25. Do you know anything about the Legendary Place and Mushroom And The Forest Of The World?

  26. How will Close Enough come out, will there be a big break between season 1 and 2, or will season 2 be released right afterwards.

  27. Is there any update on any show?

  28. Replies
    1. Covid has kicked a big hole in my network of informants. Hope to have something up sometime soon. Then compile everything.

    2. Also, too, I'm still working on the above.

    3. Hi Steve, where is DreamWorks, Universal Animation, Illumination, and Film Roman?

    4. Working on DWA, DWAtv, Illumination.

      Universal Animation and Film Roman seem to have little going on, so far as I know.

    5. Ah. Wait, I thought Felix the Cat wasn't in production? All the way from 2015/2016. Is this true that it's back on?

    6. I might have to correct Felix. The character was purchased by DWA as part of a package while I was still working.

  29. Since Mao Mao is still listed as an addendum to the CN news list instead of under Titmouse, I'm guessing there's been nothing new about them since February?
    Also, thank you very much for the news compilation! It's been by far the most convenient and accessible news source for the status of a lot of shows, even if it's "on the street".

    1. Mao Mao is being done FOR CN at Titmouse in Hollywood. Maybe it should be under Titmouse, but at least it's up there...

  30. What's the status on Lady and the Tramp 3? Isn't that produced by Disney Television Animation?

    1. It would be DTVA, since DisneyToons Studio (where "Lady and the Tramp 2" was done -- animated in Australia as another Disney studio -- is closed.

      Will see about it's status, if possible.

    2. It's almost 2021 now (sorry for the late response),so I'm hoping you were to ever get any update on l&TT 3?

  31. Have you heard anything about the spinoffs based on Pinocchio, Alice in Wonderland, and Snow White? Supposedly DTVA is working on projects centered on Jiminy Cricket, Cheshire Cat, and the Seven Dwarfs. Is it true?

    1. Don't know. Will try to find out. Covid makes info harder to come by.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. Here we go again about DreamWorks which launched a new way of the upcoming Felix The Cat series, before it'll have got any chance or not.
    Do you believe that the story and the universe will works with the character?

  33. Hi good night, how are you? Do you accept one following the other's blog? We can partner with our blogs.

  34. Hi umm, i have a question. Do you know if Thundercats Roar has been renewed for a 2nd season?

  35. Ben 10 will not renewed for Season 5 because there's a new spin-off series "Kevin 11", Craig of the Creek did the same season thing like OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes, and as for Bigfoot and Gray on the Run, Legend of Legendary Place, Mushroom and the Forest of the World, Sunshine Brownstone (Nelvana), Pops and Branwell, Splitting Time, The Wonderful Wingits, and Cadette in Charge are premiering in 2020/21.

  36. Is there any news on Craig Of The Creek being or not cancelled?

  37. Legend of Legendary Place should premiere on HBO Max because of it, Tig n' Seek, The Fungies, and Kevin 11 been picked up by Cartoon Network and should all premiere on HBO Max in 2020.

  38. Is there any update on like, anything at all?

    1. It continues to be tough to get info during lockdown and everyone working from home, but here's what I recently heard from a DWA TV artist:

      "I’m not fully up to date on all DW TV Animation shows in production since a lot of them are wrapping up soon, but here's a few:

      Archibald’s Next Big Thing Is Here
      Rhyme Time Town
      Gabby’s Dollhouse
      The Fast and Furious: Spy Racers
      Mini Madegascar

      There’s a bunch of other ones in development."

    2. What about Kung Fu Panda, Kipo, Cleopatra In Space, The Mighty Ones and Trollstopia?

  39. Good news, the Animaniacs revival will premiere on Hulu this November 20th, Friday!

  40. Any news about Craig Of The Creek?

  41. This comment has been removed by the author.

  42. Are there any news for Cartoon Network and Warner Brothers in 2021?

  43. Replies
    1. Banano (an others), I'm pretty much posting elsewhere for several reasons:

      1) With the lockdown, it was becoming increasingly difficult to gather good information about what was in production.

      2) I have gotten more and more out of the loop. I used to be on top of most everything when I was working at the Animation Guild, but I've been gone from TAG for 4+ years.

      3) I don't live in L.A. anymore, which initially wasn't a problem since I traveled to Burbank a lot and met with people in the biz. But COVID-19 changed all that, and I haven't been in Southern California in almost a year.

      SO. The site is almost completely shut down (you might have notice?) Just too hard to keep it up since I relied on numerous animation contacts to keep me abreast of things ... and the farther you get into retirement and geezerhood, the harder that becomes to do.

      Allow me to make my apologies, but it ended up being the way things had to go ... times being what they are.

    2. Would you come back to this blog in 6-9 months?

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. Apple & Onion -- wrapping up.
    Cadette in Charge -- awaiting possible pick up.
    Close Enough -- season #3.
    Craig of the Creek -- season #4.
    Fungies -- Season #3.
    Gross Girls -- in development
    Jessica's Big Little World -- spin-off in development.
    Kevin 11 -- spin-off; season #1.
    Legend of Legendary Place -- season #1.
    Mushroom and the Forest of the World -- awaiting possible pick up.
    Pops and Branwell -- miniseries -- awaiting possible pick up.
    Summer Camp Island -- Season #4 -- wrapping up
    Tig 'n Seek -- season #3
    Unicorn: Warriors Eternal -- season #1.
    Victor and Valentino -- ongoing
    We Baby Bears -- season #1.
    The Wonderful Wingits -- awaiting possible pick up.

  47. I know it's been a while but any word on more Infinity Train?