Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Rocketeer

Disney Jr. launches a new show:

... Production on The Rocketeer, a new animated adventure series aimed at kids 2-7 and inspired by Dave Stevens’ comic book series. It’s set to premiere in 2019. ...

As stated elsewhere, Disney TVA requires show developers to jump through multiple hoops before a show is greenlit for production: there's the testing of elaborate animatics (almost shows in themselves). There are also focus groups of young kids. There is more testing.

All these things mean shows are in work a looong time. So congratulations to the development team for jumping all the hurdles and getting the new series on the air.

* This show isn't to be confused with the live-action Disney film also titled "The Rocketerr" that came and went a quarter-cntury ago during the J. Katzenberg era. The current "Rocketeer" is a totally different animal.

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