Sunday, February 26, 2017

And the Winner Is ...

The 2017 Academy Award ceremonies are taking place now, providing one more chance for a Chosen Few to take home a shiny gold trophy.

Best Animated Short: Piper, directed by Alan Barillaro. Producer: Marc Sondheimer. From Pixar.

Best Animated Feature: Zootopia, co-directed by Byron Howard and Rich Moore. Producer Clark Spencer shared in the win. From the Walt Disney Animation Studios.

What do we learn from the above? That the juggernaut known as The Walt Disney Company rolls triumphantly on. Congratulations are also in order to John Lasseter and Ed Catmull, running not one but two successful studios.

(And the "live-action" (like hell it is) Jungle Book wins for "Best Visual Effects". The hell?)

Lastly, Wilma Baker (below) made it into the "In Memoriam" piece, as did Tyrus Wong. So there is a few shreds of justice in the world.

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