Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Animated Box Office

The good times, they continue to roll ... for both the live-action/animated hybrid, and the new baby on the block:

... Disney’s Beauty And The Beast [led] with a $120.6M sophomore session – up $1.4M from Sunday’s estimate and down less than 35% from opening last weekend. The global cume is $693.5M through Sunday. ... Another film that saw increases from Sunday’s projection, and which took some by surprise, was DreamWorks Animation/Fox’s Boss Baby which adopted $17.6M in the actuals, versus $16.3M in Sunday’s estimate. That’s from only five markets which were led by Russia and a better-than-projected $11.2M. It looks well set up for the bigger rollout this week. ...

The Mouse's animated feature library continues to be a gold mine of gargantuan proportions. Sometimes the remakes are loose adaptations, and sometimes the remakes, like BATB are shot-for-shot recreations. They haven't remade Pinocchio yet ... or Sword in the Stone, Peter Pan, Aristocats, The Rescuers and Tarzan. But I'm sure they'll get around to it.

Just a matter of time.

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