Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Box Office Crystal Ball

So the Smart Money thinks that Beauty and the Beast (live action edition) will rake in around $120 million this coming weekend.

And the ever-cagey House of Mouse is copping to a $100 million take for its opening three days.

Then there are the Very Devout/Very Intolerant who are urging the minions to boycott, thereby throwin a wrench into distribution plans. But the campaign by Faith Driven Consumers (c) will likely be about as effective as the last effort of the Very Devout, when they wanted everybody to boycott all things Disney (but especially the parks) because The Gays and Their Partners were getting health insurance.

That campaign didn't work because most people, including most church goers, don't care if a minority group is getting benefits from a corporation. (Funny how that works).

Reviewers have noted that the latest Disney flick is pretty much a shot-for-shot redo of the one made by Disney's feature animation department back in the Second Golden Age. Because advance sales are strong, I'm going to guesstimate a $125-$140 million weekend take. Of course I could be wrong, as I am excellent at being wrong. But that's my guess.

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