Friday, March 24, 2017


Deadline is adding up some totals on the recent Ron Clements-John Musker feature.

Moana... with the second-biggest five-day weekend performance after Frozen, at $82 million. The film grossed $247 million domestic, with $319 million foreign and $32 million in China for a $600 million total. After a total of $30 million in Participations and Off-the-Tops, Moana turned in a $121 million in net profit, and a Cash on Cash Return of 1.32. That’s a respectable score for a live-action or animated film for most studios, but it was only the eighth-best performer of the year for Disney.

The picture was a solid box-office performer. Maybe not in Finding Dory or Zootopia territory, but certainly within hailing distance of Tangled's numbers (in fact better, since the South Seas adventure had a higher gross ... and Tangled cost way more money).

The upshot? Moana did well by most any measure you care to use.

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