Friday, May 19, 2017

Back In Action

So this:

Hayao Miyazaki has officially come out of retirement to make a new feature film. If you want to work on it, here’s how you can apply!

Studio Ghibli has a job listing for the feature—which also means that Ghibli is going back into feature film production! The listing mentions how Miyazaki has decided to come out of retirement, writing, “Because of his age, this one is most certainly seems like the last work he will direct.” ...

Successful candidates will begin work on October 1, 2017, which, I guess, means the movie goes into full time production then. The contract is for three years, and the salary is for over 200,000 yen (US$1,794) per month with twice annual bonuses. ...

That Miyazaki is coming out of retirement should startle or surprise nobody.

Old animators ... board artists ... directors ... never retire. They're dragged out of the studio feet first and go into retirement because A) they can't draw anymore and therefore no jobs are available or B) they are dead.

Miyazaki is simply the latest, most prominent example. There are, 'round and about, some exceptions, but not many. Animation artists are in the business for the love, not the money, and they keep at the profession until they have crumbled away to dust.

Which brings us to the last part of the linked post: there are jobs available on the new Miyazaki project! And you can (maybe) work for the old legend himself for a whopping $448.50 per week! There are some bonuses along the way, but the amounts of said bonuses are anybody's guess. (So be prepared to live off your trust fund ... or to quietly starve).

What's best about the post is it encapsulates the realities of the global animation industry beautifully: nobody ever leaves; few people in it make much money.

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