Sunday, May 14, 2017

So Where the Hell Has Hulett Been?

I started this blog after leaving the Animation Guild (and writing for TAG blog) in December. My intention was to get "Tomb of the Cartoon Monkey Skeleton" rolling after a long trip through the southern hemisphere when I would be away from the internet for a month. But I got itchy, started it sooner, and so it went dark while I was drinking in Sydney, Auckland New Zealand, and various islands in Polynesia.

I was journeying for over a month, but now I'm back. And TOTCMS now sputters back to life. What happens going forward? Analysis of happenings in Cartoonland. Investing advice (and like what I've learned over the last three decades). Articles about union and animation industry history ... which are actually chapters of a book I'm slowly cobbling together.

If you're looking for multiple posts per day, sorry, that won't be happening here. I'll write as the spirit moves me. I'm freaking RETIRED. That means I'm off the daily post kick that I pursued at TAG blog; returning to the daily grind is just too oppressive for an elderly person looking to kick back and smell a few roses.

So. Now that I'm back and settling in, I'll get back into it. Anything important happen while I was away?

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