Thursday, May 18, 2017

Prime Time Animation

Presidents change, countries rise and fall, but Fox's Sunday night animation block goes on and on. Deadline tells us:


Bob's Burgers -- 7:30 to 8:00

The Simpsons -- 8:00-8:30

Family Guy -- 9:00-9:30

American Dad, of course, moved to TBS a couple of years ago. Other prime-time series that Fox has tried to launch (Sit Down, Shut Up, Bordertown) have exploded on liftoff. The Yellow Family will be with us for another two years, then who knows? And Seth MacFarlane will keep on with Family Guy until Fox doesn't want to distribute it anymore, but the number of episodes he'll want to do season-to-season is flexible. (When Seth went off to run his separate empire in Beverly Hills, word rippled through the studio that MacFarlane was going to do 19 episodes, then the total went up).

Fox, I think, would like to have more prime time animation on its schedule, but hasn't found a new and sustainable series. Other animation conglomerates seem to have little interest in prime time animation. I don't understand their reasoning, but there it is. Executive minds at work.

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