Thursday, June 15, 2017

Minimal Alibi

It's not every day you hear a studio exec admit error, but there's this from Ms. Kristine Belson (of Sony Animation) regarding Smurfs: The Lost Village:

"It tanked. It was truly heartbreaking. In retrospect we had the wrong date … Honestly, we underestimated what a big hit Boss Baby would be." ...

Also too, over-estimated the desire of theater-goers to rush out and watch another Smurfs movie. But that's the way the biz goes. When an audience doesn't want to show up for your movie, you can't stop them. (I'm not sure the "crowded out of the marketplace by Boss Baby" excuse tells the whole story).

Ms. Belson also notes that it took Sony some doing to lure Genndy Tartakovsky back into the fold for a third installment of Hotel Transylvania. (Genndy was splitting time between Sony and Cartoon Network, but is now -- so far as I know -- fully ensconced at Sony Animation.) HT is one of the few productive franchises Sony has, so it's wise to have him back making the third film.

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