Friday, June 30, 2017


Any time an industry artist prevails over an industry wage fixer, is okay with me:

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, organizers of the Oscars, announced the election results for its Board of Governors late-Thursday afternoon, and veteran animator Tom Sito emerged victorious as the winner of a seat on the Short Films and Feature Animation Branch.

Sito was one of four candidates running for the animation branch’s Board of Governors; the other three were Darlie Brewster, Bob Kurtz, and Ed Catmull. ...

Dr. Catmull was a late entry to the race, and technically not eligible for the board prior to some heavy lobbying from execs at Disney. (Leverage has its uses).

It's not that Dr. Catmull isn't a talented and intelligent man, because he is. It's that when you've been involved with suppressing the wages of artists working in the industry, you (maybe?) forfeit the right to sit on a board that influences the awards given to those artists.

My thought, anyway.

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